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Children of the Jedi

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"Can you pick up any antimatter trails?" asked Luke, steering the Huntbird around a tight mass of large asteroids that had drifted into one another's gravitational proximity and now clung together, bumping and scraping with the silent, stupid clumsiness of ex-spouses at a party. "Hyperdust? Any sign of ships coming through here at all?"
"Trails would dissipate within a few weeks," Cray reminded him, checking anyway.


"Right," he said softly. "Let's make hyperdust."

There are tenuous but detectible residues associated with the passage of starships. Antimatter is somehow involved in some forms of propulsion, either as power supply or as a by-product.

The nature of the "hyperdust" is unknown, but the term implies that the phenomenon is associated with hyperdrive travel. Hyperdust must have characteristics which distinguish it from other kinds of dust. Perhaps antimatter is involved?

40Chapter 4

"The Gamorreans haven't stopped fighting each other long enough to set up a technological base of any kind on any planet where they've settled," said Luke doubtfully. "It might be smugglers — which doesn't mean they won't be allied with Harrsk or Teradoc or some other Imperial wannabe, orwith one of the big smuggler gangs for that matter. ..."

Refers to Supreme Warlord Harrsk and High Admiral Teradoc, who appear as major Imperial warlords contesting for control of the Deep Core in Darksaber.

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141Chapter 11

  • "All military offensives shall be considered under law as states of emergency, and subject to the emergency military powers act of the Senate."
    Senatorial Amendment
    to Constitutions of New Order
    Decree 77-92465-001
  • "Without necessary capital powers it is considered impossible to maintain the stability of the New Order and the security of the greatest number of civilisations in the galaxy."
    Capital Powers Act
    Preface, Section II

The Will quotes from galactic legislation from early in Palpatine's rule.

156Chapter 12
168Chapter 13

"But every now and then a tree feeder will go mildly amok and wander through the streets squirting nutrient at passersby. Or one of the ice walkers will start hiking away across the glaciers, forcing its passengers to bail out and walk back to the valley. Most people who have business out on the glaciers — who're traveling to Bot-Un or Mithipsin, for instance — pack thermal suits and distress signals as a matter of course."

Description of mysterious failures of droid and semisentient machinery on Belsavis. It is also interesting that non-military walkers are considered a commonplace mode of surface transport on this ice world.


Even Qwi Xux honestly and sincerely believed to this day that the Death Star would have made a wonderful mining instrument.

character: Qwi Xux, one of the engineers who worked on the Death Star project. She appears in Jedi Search and her last known appearance in the novels is in Darksaber.


For a long time she'd tried not to know whether it had been day or evening in the capital of Alderaan when the Death Star had appeared in the sky. Somebody had eventually told her that it had been a warm evening late in the spring. Aunt Rouge had undoubtedly been having her hair dressed for dinner in front of that gilt-framed mirror in her boudoir; Aunt Celly would have been lying down indulging in her daily bout of hypochondria, and Aunt Tia would have been reading aloud to her or talking baby talk to the pittins. Leia even remembered the pittins' names: Taffy, Winkie, Fluffy, and AT-AV — "All-Terrain Attack Vehicle." She'd named the last one. It had been a pale candy pink and small enough to fit in her cupped hands.

Princess Leia imagines the activities of her foster aunts in Aldera at the time when the planet was destroyed. This late evening estimate can be used to constrain the location of Aldera on the globe of Alderaan as seen in A New Hope. It must be near the day-night terminator on either the visible side of the planet or on the side facing away from the battle station. However Leia's thoughts imply that the Death Star was visible from Aldera, and therefore Aldera must be on the side of the planet seen in the movie.

This passage also reveals the existence of another type of military walker, the AT-AV, which might be the name of one of the anonymous models seen in the visual media, or it might be something entirely different.
creatures: pittins - diminutive hairy domestic animals considered fit as pets for the royal family of Alderaan.

Leia had noticed a half dozen women of truly startling beauty, exquisitely gowned and jeweled like princesses, who did not seem to belong with either the bureaucrats' wives or the more elite groups of the old Houses and their vassals. She'd asked Aunt Rouge about them and had gotten a very superior, "Whom the Emperor wishes to invite is of course his business, Leia dear; but one is not obligated to speak with them."

Leia had realised they were the Emperor's concubines.

The Emperor maintained six decorative women who were outwardly supposed to be concubines, at the time of Leia's appointment to the Imperial Senate. One of them, Roganda Ismaren, was one of the Emperor's Hands.


Leia recalled the day the Rebels had taken Coruscant. The Emperor's palace — that endless, gorgeous maze of crystal roofs, hanging gardens, pyramids of green and blue marble shining with gold ... summer quarters, winter quarters, treasuries, pavilions, music rooms, prisons, halls ... grace-and-favour residences for concubines, ministers, and trained assassins — had been shelled hard and partially looted already, Rebel partisans having killed whichever members of the Court they could catch. These had included, if Leia remembered correctly, not only the President of the Bureau of Punishments and the head of the Emperor's School of Torturers, but the court clothing designer and any number of minor and completely innocent servants of all ages, species, species and sexes whose names had never been reported.

Leia's recollection of the fate of the Imperial Palace and its occupants during the first rebel capture of Coruscant, which took place in X-Wing: Wedge's Gamble.

179Chapter 14
196Chapter 15

She stopped in her tracks, Nichos's deep voice sounding in her ears.

The older kids ... Lagan Ismaren and Hoddas Umgil ...

Lagan Ismaren ...

Roganda Ismaren's ... brother? Her age was certainly right. A few years older than Leia — a few years younger than Nichos — she would be old enough to remember the world where she had lived.

That meant that Roganda Ismaren — Palpatine's concubine and member in good standing of his Court — had come from the blood and the heritage of the Jedi Knights.

characters: Lagan Ismaren, Hoddas Umgil - offspring of Jedi, whose fates are unknown.


Emerging from between the dark foundations, the white plastic buildings, she saw, across the street and quite clearly, Lord Drost Elegin walking with Dr Ohran Keldor.

characters: Lord Drost Elegin, a member of Palpatine's court; and Dr Ohran Keldor, an engineer involved in the Death Star project.

208Chapter 16

But Ohran Keldor — and Bevel Lemelisk, and others whose names the Alderaan Alliance of survivors had collected — had known precisely what they were doing. After the destruction of Alderaan, they'd all been dropped at Carida, when the Death Star started its final voyage to destroy the Yavin base. But all of them had wanted to see the first test of their theories.

Movements of the principal designers of the Death Star during and after A New Hope. There exists an organisation of vengeful Alderaanians seeking to identify and pursue these technicians.

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