A vast amount of information can be gained by directly examining the props and models used to create the STAR WARS movies. Details and entire structures which are ambiguous or invisible on the movie screen are available for deep scrutiny, providing a deep alternative view into the STAR WARS universe.

Special thanks are due to, alphabetically:

The Venues

Brooklyn, New York, USA

The Magic of Myth exhibition has toured galleries and museums throughout North America. Larry Yee attended the exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, where he took an exhaustive series of digital photographs, which are presented here for general appreciation and analysis.

Barbican, London, UK

The Art of Star Wars exhibition was first convened in the Barbican gallery in London, and remained there for several months during 2000. Elwyn Chow conducted an extensive photographic survey of the models, including many photographs of the Executor.

Bonhams, London, UK

An original dewback prop head was impressively exhibited at Bonhams auction house in London, from 24 – 26 April 2005. On 27 April 2005 the dewback was due for auction. This site presents some photographs of the dewback as it appeared on display on 26 April 2005.

Bradford, UK

The exhibition moved north to the city of Bradford, near York. In March 2001 I attended the exhibition at The National Museum of Photography, Film & Television (and the exhibition remained there until 29 April 2001). I conducted a photographic survey using a digital camera generously lent by Pete Briggs. About a third of my photographs are presented here.

Edinburgh, UK

Sometime after its appearances in London and Bradford, The Art of STAR WARS exhibition moved to the City Art Centre, in Edinburgh. It was open at that venue from 23 March to 8 September 2002.

Sydney, Australia

The Magic of Myth exhibition made its final appearance at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. This site presents photographs of those displays taken on several occasions, by C.J. Saxton.

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