Battle of Geonosis: Index

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01 Gunships rise from arena and fly towards canyons and plains to the SW. Several Acclamators in the air also face SW.
02 Six evacuation gunships fly over canyon south of the arena. One Acclamator is on the ground facing south, disgorging walkers and troops. Another Acclamator is in the air west of the arena. Smoke blows eastwards from the mouth of the arena.
03 Inside the hold of Yoda's gunship. Vertical rock surface is off the staboard side.
04 Six evacuation gunships heading south are fired upon from the ground. They turn to starboard, round a Geonosian tower on a promontory and head out across a floodplain with 1 TFcs and at least 6 TUs. One Acclamator near the promontory is disgorging walkers and troops near a dry riverbed.
05 Interior of Kenobi's gunship. Some rocky features are glimpsed passing on the starboard side.
06 At least three of the evacuation gunships fly low towards the groups of TUs. One TUs lauches. One TFcs is in the background. Blaster fire is exchanged between the gunships, droids on the ground and clones on the ground.
07 Interior of Kenobi's gunship. Skywalker orders a targeting "right above the fuel cells."
08 LAAT/i fly with a cliff on the starboard side, towards the TUs. There is a hill on the plateau above the cliffs.
09 Gunships fire their missiles at a TUs. Arrayed around the docking zone, droids blast up at the gunships.
10 Ground level view of cylinders falling off a TUs and crushing nearby droids.
12 Opposing forces assemble on different sides of a vast plain. Two Acclamators are in he camera view, several LAAT/i, Jedi lead columns of clones. On the separatist side there are Trade Federation and Techno Union starships, several kilometres behind an advancing mass of battle droids and "spider" droids. A smoke pillar already arises from behind the Separatist lines.
13 Separatist leaders observe a realtime holographic display of an area of one battle front. On one side there are three Techno Union starships plus numerous battle droids and "hailfire" hoop-wheeled droids. On the other side there are two SPHA-T artillery pieces, several AT-TE walkers and numerous clone soldiers.
14 Evacuation gunships pass over hilly landscape near Geonosian towers. An unseen enemy shoots at them.
15 A vantage point from within Yoda's gunship. One of the evaucation gunships is shot and explodes. One of the visible fatalities is a Jedi evacuee in dark robes.
16 Interior of Yoda's gunship. Windu orders a landing in an assembly area.
17 View of an assembly area as seen from the pilot cockpit of Yoda's LAAT/i. In the background there is one landed Acclamator and one Trade Federation core ship.
18 Yoda's gunship lands amidst AT-TE walkers and units of clones on foot. Windu, Mundi and Fisto alight and meet clone officers.
19 Clone officers speak to Windu, while walkers and troops pass in the background.
23 Yoda's vantage as his gunship takes off again. Walkers and clones advance towards a dense wall of droids, in front of Trade Federation and Techno Union starships, and pillars of smoke.
24 Battle droids and "spider" droids advance and blast at the unseen clones.
25 Windu leads clones towards enemy fire. An AT-TE walker is followed by clone troops in the background.
26 Battle droids and "spider" droids advance and fire, not in the same location as shot #24.
27 Fisto and Secura lead clones away from LAAT/i and an AT-TE, and towards enemy fire.
28 Camera zooms in on LAAT/i gunships in the air near Fisto's charge.
29 Interior of Kenobi's LAAT/i. "Attack those Federation starships quickly!"
30 Two LAAT/i gunships fire missiles at a launching TFcs in a narrow canyon, surrounded by Techno Union ships and various droids (which blast at the gunships).
31 Yoda's LAAT/i drifts to a halt beside a forward command post. There are some rocky outcrops in the background.
32 View from Yoda's LAAT/i interior. The officer in charge of the command post speaks to Yoda.
33 View from command post towards Yoda, as he begins to walk down the gangplank.
34 The camera pans to show AT-TE walkers and clones in action, as a LAAT/c swoops low to deploy another AT-TE.
35 Side view of the battle droids as the "Hailfire" wheel droids speed towards the front.
36 Rear view of the wheel droids rolling through the battle droid formations towards the clones and their walkers. The arena is visible in the far background.
37 AT-TE walkers are struck by missiles. A LAAT/c deploys another AT-TE. SPHA-T guns, an Acclamator and the arena are visible in the background
38 Closeup of wheel droid firing its missiles. In the background there is a TFcs.
39 Camera follows a missile as it flies to an AT-TE walker. An Acclamator and at least one SPHA-T are visible in the background.
41 Kenobi's gunship and at least one other gunship fly past rock formations and Geonosian towers.
42 Several gunships swoop upon wheel droids with missiles and beam turrets. Battle droids are in every direction. Two TFcs and one Commerce Guild or Corporate Alliance starship are visible in the background.
43 Another glimpse of gunships in flight and blasting ground targets. Kenobi's head is visible on the rear of the portside door on one gunship.
44 Rear view of wheel droids being destroyed by missiles from LAAT/i gunships. An Acclamator, the arena, cliffs and clone forces are visible in the far background.
45 Battle droids and "super" battle droids are affected by explosions.
46 "Super" battle droids and a "dwarf spider" droid are affected by explosions.
47 Trade Federation officials enter their shuttle and depart a Geonosian hangar. Count Dooku on a small repulsorlift vehicle departs too, followed by two Geonosian fighters. One odd-looking humanoid attendant in the hangar wears a "Gilligan" hat.
48 Dooku descends rapidly over steep rock surfaces, turning as he goes.
49 Dooku and his escorts fly off through canyons.
50 Fisto and Secura stand amidst clones and AT-TE walkers, facing the front line of battle droids and "spider" droids, while several Trade Federation core ships launch simultaneously. Techno Union ships remain on the ground. There is a pillar of smoke from behind Separatist lines.
51 Yoda observes and issues orders in the forward command post; a clone officer watches the battle through binoculars.
52 An officer turns to Yoda; gunships and Trade Federation starships are visible in the sky.
53 Firing orders are relayed from the command post to the SPHA-T guns.
54 SPHA-T guns aim and fire at a Trade Federation core ship. They are screened by lines of AT-TE walkers and clones on the ground ahead. Cliffs are visible in the background.
55 SPHA-T beams cut their target, which then begins to drop. AT-TE lines and clones are visible on the ground around and ahead of the artillery pieces.
56 Closuep of SPHA-T muzzles as the gunfire is extinguished. Cliffs and spires stand in the background.
57 View of a SPHA-T cabin, with crew and officers reacting to the impending impact.
58 Trade Federation core ship strikes the ground, throwing up a dust cloud.
61 - 63 Clones and battle droids meet in battle under the pall of dust.

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