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#3-Z Light Freighter
this round, saucer-shaped transport ship was built by Nova-Drive, from plans which had been phased out by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. Nova-Drive purchased the rights to the plans, then modified them to create the #3-Z. Since there were no research and development costs to defray, Nova-Drive was able to market and sell the #3-Z at a very competitive price. In many respects, it was better than its YT cousins, and often outsold them in certain markets. It measured 28 meters in length, and was designed for a crew of two. It could transport up to eight passengers and 150 metric tons of cargo, and was armed with a pair of laser cannons in its basic configuration.
(SS, OE)

A-class Bulk Freighter
this double-hulled transport ship was similar to the Gallofree Yards Medium transport in design. It used a pair of angled hull plates to surround the central cargo section, which could be modified to fit various configurations. The hull plates mounted on the sides of the A-class freighter, in contrast to the Gallofree ship, where they mount on the top and bottom. A pair of main drives was mounted vertically at the rear of the shell. Many pilots considered the A-class freighter to be a knockoff of the Action IV freighter.

Action II Freighter
one of the first freighter models produced in the Action series by Corellian Engineering Corporation. Carib Devist used one to fly to Bothawui, during the build-up of warships following the Caamas Incident. Hidden inside the freighter was a squadron of TIE Interceptors. When Devist's freighter and the Millennium Falcon were caught in the tractor beams of the Tyrannic, Devist detonated the Action II, with a series of explosions that allowed his crew to blast away in the Interceptors. The explosion freed the Falcon from the tractor beam, allowing them all to return to open space and expose the Tyrannic.

Action IV Freighter
a trapezoidal, medium bulk freighter built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, the Action IV measures 100 meters in length and can carry 30,000 cubic meters of cargo with a maximum mass of 75,000 metric tons. Its inner holds can be individually adapted to various pressurization and climatic needs. It was sold with no weapons systems and no defensive shielding, but there were plenty of after-market systems which could be fitted to the Action IV's design. They require a dedicated crew of 8, and have no passenger facilities. Note that the Star Wars Adventure Journal, Issue 3 indicates that the Action IV is 110 meters in length, required a crew of ten to operate, and can transport up to 70,000 metric tons of cargo.

Action VI Freighter
another medium bulk freighter built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, the Action VI measures 125 meters in length and can carry up to 90,000 metric tons. It has no weapons systems and minimal defensive shielding. It requires a dedicated crew of 10, and has no passenger facilities.

Alask Vrei
this Twi'lek male was once a baron on his homeworld of Ryloth, until his holdings were seized in a clan power-struggle and he was left creditless. He discovered that he had a knack for the tactics of dogfighting, and joined the New Republic Navy as a tactician. He served with distinction as a line officer, and survived his fair share of engagements before being named the commanding officer of Nightflier Squadron. Much to the chagrin of his pilots, Vrei acted as if they were his subjects, protecting them from harm in much the same way a lord protected his farmers and smiths. However, he was not above playing hardball if the situation demanded it.

Antemeridian Freight Lines
C-3PO claimed to be Igpek Droon, an employee of this shipping company, when he and R2-D2 booked passage off Nim Drovis on the Zicreex.

Anxarta-class Freighter
manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems, this light freighter measured 28 meters in length and could transport up to 65 metric tons of cargo. This class of freighters went out of production about ten years before the Battle of Yavin.

an Imperial freighter destroyed by Keyan Farlander during his first tour of duty as an X-Wing pilot.

Aycen, Frei
this Corellian woman was a noted pirate, operating during the last years of the Old Republic. She was an idealistic woman who saw through the corruption that destroyed the Old Republic, and was known to steal cargoes and supplies while ensuring that her victims were not harmed in any way. Her pirate fleets consisted of a number of Cloakshape fighters and small transports, all of which were protected by the modified IPV-1 system patrol craft Freejack. The ship's interior sections were rearranged to accommodate more cargo space, and a hyperdrive was installed for interstellar travel.

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