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this stealthy predator was native to the forests of the planet Tepasi.

Achtnak Station
this space station, developed by Silas Tagge and built by his brother Orman, contained an immense turbine that was to be used in the atmosphere of a gas giant. The idea was that the turbine would create a vortex in the clouds, which would allow starfighters to launch from a base that was hidden in the atmosphere. Named for a predator that was native to the Tagge homeworld of Tepasi, Achtnak Station was built in low orbit around the gas giant Yavin, in an effort to establish an Imperial presence in the Yavin System following the Battle of Yavin.

Air Snake
this unusual, legless reptile had a system of air bladders inside its body that allowed it to literally float through the air by moving its muscles in a certain way.

Arrak Snake
a native Ithorian reptile, the arrak snake was distinguished by its green eyes and brightly-feathered scales. Arrak snakes lived in the canopies created by Bafforr trees, moving from tree to tree by flying with their small wings. Individual arrak snakes communicated via a complex, musical collection of hooting calls.
(TME, BF5, MIS7)

this was the term used to describe a single member of the Balinaka species.

an alien race native to the planet Garnib, the Balinaka are an expressive race with a rich artistic culture. Even after being subjugated by the Empire, they retained their artistic passions. They continued to hold the Wallarand, an annual, 50-day arts festival which was permitted by the Imperial garrison there because of the Balinaka's acceptance of the Empire. The average Balinaka stood four meters tall at the shoulder, and resembled a humanoid otter. They were discovered to be amphibious mammals who evolved thick fur and a layer of blubber to survive in the icy waters of the planet Garnib. They have sensitive eyes, and can see into a wider visual spectrum than most humanoids. Each Balinaka has both lungs and gills, allowing them to be able to breathe on land or in the water. A single member of this race is known as a Balinak.

a low-cultured, sentient races subjugated by House Vandron and made to work the breeding farms on Karfeddion.

Black Hole of Nakat
this was a huge, dangerous black hole.

Blind Snake
this sightless reptile was native to the undercity of Coruscant.

Bonaka Nueno
this city, located on the planet Intuci, was razed by Sonopo Bomoor. Most of its inhabitants were killed in the attack, in a mass execution in Bonaka Square. Kosh Kurp was a native of the city, and was kept alive by Bomoor in order that he could serve as a living witness to Bomoor's power and greatness. Kurp never forgot, and searched for Bomoor for the rest of his life.

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