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a container group captured by the Lightning.

this gas giant is the fourth planet in the Faarlsun System, and has eight moons.

Koss, Stephannis
a native of the planet Bonadan, this man was wanted by the Corporate Sector Authority for several crimes. Foremost among the charges was conspiracy to deprive the CSA of revenue. Koss had been bribed by a rival agri-corporation to slander the CSA by revealing that the development of agricultural enzymes was actually a well-disguised series of bio-weapons experiments.

an infamous Hutt warrior and conquerer, Kossak used Vodran, Nikto, and Klatooinan forces to defeat Xim the Despot during the Third Battle of Vontor.
(ZHR, GG12)

Kossan Asteroid Belt
this was the middle asteroid belt ringing the star Isen. The gas giant Isen orbited just outside the Kossan Belt.

this Jedi Master was part of the contigent dispatched to protect the clone factories of Kamino from a Separatist attack, during the early years of the Clone Wars. A Weequay, Kossex was an excellent fighter pilot who helped knock out the first wave of Separatist transport ships to enter Kamino's airspace. Unfortunately, during an attempt to eliminate a droid starfighter which tried to attack Anakin Skywalker, Master Kossex failed to see an incoming squadron of droid fighters. He was shot down from behind, and died when his fighter exploded.

Kossh Street
a thoroughfare located in Capital City, on Omman.

one of the three major continents on Pantolomin.

Kossim Asteroid Belt
this was the outermost asteroid belt ringing the star Isen. The gas giant Isen orbited inside the Kossim Belt.

Marhu Koss
this was a noted member of Muun society.

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