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Clone Keepers
the name given to the scientists and functionaries working in the reborn Emperor Palpatine's cloning installation on Byss.

a Jedi Master whose image is stored within a Jedi Holocron, the Gatekeeper is the primary access point for whoever is using the Holocron.

this form of Yuuzhan Vong starship was developed during their attempt to take control of the galaxy. Its development came shortly after the New Republic learned to pour intense amounts of firepower into a dovin basal, weakening the creature and stealing power from weapons systems. In this way, the Republic managed to destroy a number of Yuuzhan Vong warships. The keeper was well-protected, and contained a large dovin basal. The keeper was the attached to another, larger, Yuuzhan Vong warship, to act as its shielding and protection. In this way, the larger ship was protected from enemy fire by a stronger shield, and their weapons didn't lose power when the shield were absorbing fire.

a group of CR90 Corvettes used by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, the Keeper group was used to escort prison ships on transfer missions.

this unusual automaton seemed to be created from highly-advanced technology, and was contained in a vast mechanical structure found deep below an uncharted planet. The planet was located somewhere between Yavin and Akuria Two, and was stumbled upon by Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa shortly after the Battle of Yavin. The dome-shaped container in which the Keeper existed was connected to a power-supplying structure that tapped the planet's core for energy, and it appeared as a face of stars inside the huge dome. When the Keeper realized that it's secret had been exposed, it told the rebels about its history. The Keeper had been created as a guardian of the planet by its original inhabitants, which had fled their sector to avoid a centuries-old war. The Keeper's mission was to ready the planet for the ancient beings' eventual return. Over time, the Keeper became lonely, and created four humanoid droids in its makers' likeness. Named Earth, Wind, Fire, and Rain, the four automatons had the unusual abilities to control the natural elements they were named after. These "children" were created to help the Keeper reform the planet. Much of the reformation work was done in secret, because the Keeper didn't want the rest of the galaxy to find the planet and destroy it again. In order to protect its world from the Empire, the Keeper planned to turn Luke and Leia over to the Imperial forces on the planet. However, when it realized that the rebels weren't going to expose its secret, the Keeper worked to convince the Imperials that the planet was too dangerous to consider as a base.

Keeper of Antiquities
this was the title held by those ancient Jedi Knights who controlled access to the Chamber of Antiquities, located in the Great Library of the Jedi on the planet Ossus. While the Keepr of Antiquities was charged primarily with preserving ancient paper texts, they were also protecting a wealth of Sith artifacts, including a Sith holocron.

Keeper of Promises
this Qom Jha was one of the few that had ever gotten into the caverns below the High Tower and seen the Threateners up close. He was assigned by Eater of Fire Creepers to lead Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade to the Tower, along with Splitter of Stones and Builder with Vines, as well as the Qom Qae Child of Winds.

Keeper of the Tower
according to the customs of the Tammuz-an, the Keeper of the Tower was responsible for ensuring that the Takmmuz-an people were ruled by the rightful leader. Only the individual who returned to the Keeper with the royal scepter, on the first morning of the equinox, would be allowed to rule the planet.

Keeper Subdermal Control System
this piece of exotic technology was produced by Vector Technologies. Known in the catalogs as the AA-2, this system involved the use of surgically-implanted beacons and a tracker unit. Developed for the maintenance of slave labor pools, the Keeper system provides its user with a way to keep slaves from escaping. The beacon provided the tracking unit with an exact location of the slave, and contained a dose of an exotic neurotoxin which could be injected into the slave's system in the event of an escape attempt. The slave owner could activate the neurotoxin by signalling the beacon from the tracker. If the slave managed to escape beyond the range of the tracker, the beacon would lose its signal and release the neurotoxin automatically.

this was the name of the small force of Tarasin guards who protected the Mother of an irstat. More often than not, the Keepers were required to keep tensions between leaders to a minimum, rather than protecting them from outside injury.

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