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(That Joyous Night) I Ate My Mate
this jizz tune was made popular by Evar Orbus and His Galactic Wailers. It remained a hit for the band's new incarnation, the Max Rebo Band.

Artzam Hathan
this male Ugnaught was believed to have stolen secret plans and schematics from Sienar Fleet Systems, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. With the help of his colleague, Alby Ermad, Artzam made off with several disks worth of documentation and fled to the Outland Transit Station. However, a bounty had been placed on both Ugnaughts' head for their arrest and return to Sienar. Jango Fett collected the bounty on both of them.

Berlihat, Russo
this man served Moff Bandor as technician and analytical programmer, although he often was reduced to feeding the Moff's collection of unusual creatures in the underground game chambers. Berlihat graduated from the finest Technical Academy in the Core before being employed by Moff Bandor. Berlihat himself was eventually fed to Bandor's creatures, as a punishment for his constant insubordination.

Bhat Jul
this Kajain'sa'Nikto Jedi Knight apprenticed under master A'Sharad Hett, during the months leading up to the Clone Wars. When war broke out between the Separatists and the Old Republic, Bhat remained by his Master's side. They were part of the team dispatched to Metalorn, and later Aargonar, as the fighting intensified. Unfortunately, the were shot down over enemy territory on Aargonar, and forced to fight their way clear. During the struggle, an explosion rocked their position, and Bhat Jul caught the blast full in the chest. Despite the efforts of Anakin Skywalker to keep him alive, Bhat Jul died from his injuries a short while later. After Bhat Jul's death, and that of Master Sora Mobari, Anakin began to question why the Jedi Knights were not doing more to save the lives of beings in the galaxy, rather than fighting a war that led to more deaths.

this was one of the more common names given to Colicoid individuals.

Chateau Malreaux
this immense fortress was residence and seat of power for the Malreaux family of Vjun. The Chateau was located atop a bluff overlooking the Bay of Tears. After Whie Malreaux was taken in by the Jedi Order, the Chateau was virtually forgotten by his mother, Whirry, who went insane and wandered the halls without purpose or intention. When Count Dooku discovered the fortress during the height of the Clone Wars, he claimed it for his base of operations on the planet. In a twisted sense of irony, he allowed Whirry to wander the halls, ostensibly serving as his maid.

Chateuse VII
this planet's population was fragmented into several warring factions. It applied to the fledgling New Republic for help in resolving the on-going disputes, and Leia Organa was dispatched on a fact-finding mission to the planet.

Chatham House
Bail Organa's residence in Imperial City, while he lived on Coruscant.

Chatos Academy
little is known of this ancient organization, whose name was coaxed from crumbling history disks found during the height of the Old Republic. Many historians and scholars believed that the Chatos was one of the original incarnations of the Jedi Order, although no evidence was ever found to support this claim.

a smuggler acquaintence of Oso Nim's, Chatty had a false eye that was yellowing with age.

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