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this planet is covered with water.

Astopone, Shasheva
this woman served the Alliance as a deep-cover agent on the planet Coruscant, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. She was well-known as the heiress of the fortune her father had made in the export business, and was one of the most generous sponsors of the Galactic Museum and the Skydome Botanical Gardens. Her secret life as an Alliance agent began when Bail Organa recruited her during the early years of the New Order. She agreed to help the Alliance by using her influence and position to meet with leaders of business and government, gathering information that she eventually passed on to the Alliance. However, she lived in fear of being discovered, and would only meet her contacts in highly-public places.

Dhashaan Shield
this mercenary outfit was hired by the Nhoras race to assist in defending their world from attack by the Clatear.

this clone trooper was part of the platoon dispatched to Pengalan IV, during the early stages of the Clone Wars, to eliminate a Separatist missile facility on the planet. He was given the nickname Mapper by Joram Kithe, who was stranded on the planet with the platoon's survivors after the Separatist sprang a trap. The nickname, given to help Joram communicate with the troopers, was based on the fact that the clone trooper had a wealth of facial wounds from the battle. Hash and his comrade, Spade, were killed shortly afterward, during the platoon's attempt to reach the actual missile production facility beneath the surface of Tur Lorkin. It was later revealed to Joram that Hash and his platoon-mates were actually enhanced clones, having been given additional self-reliance and initiative during their development. These enhanced troops were dispatched with observers like Joram, in order to ensure the production of clone troopers was continued.

this assassin droid, employed by Moff Bandor to roam the Game Chambers of Questal, was a gold-chrome metallic ball. When first encountered, HASH-19 appears as nothing more than a surveillance spy-eye. As soon as it encounters a target, HAS-19 sprouts six mechanical arms. Each arm is tipped with four vibroblades, and HASH-19 attacked by spinning wildly and slashing its way through its prey.

this was a common male name among the Gamorrean people. Like most Gamorrean names, it was essentially gibberish that indicated what a Gamorrean would do if you made him angry.

this was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology.

according to Ewok legend, this princess could hear the voices of the stars.

this Yuuzhan Vong destroyer was one of the ships dispatched to destroy the New Republic communications base on Esfandia, after the Battle of Ebaq. It was under the command of B'shith Vorrik at the time, and would have had more than enough firepower to destroy the communications base had the Imperial Remnant's 78th Fleet followed it to Esfandia. There, the Kur-hashan was pitted against the Right to Rule, and Vorrik and Grand Admiral Pellaeon soon fought to a stalemate. When Tahiri Veila used the captured picket ship Collaborator to trick some of Vorrik's forces to the surface of Esfandia, she left the Kur-hashan undefended. When Vorrik realized that he had been tricked, he tried to bring the ship's weapons to bear on the Right to Rule. However, the old Star Destroyer was ready, and pounded the Kur-hashan with everything it could. Realizing he was beaten, Vorrik tried to turn the dying ship onto a collision course with the Imperials, but the Kur-hashan exploded well short of the point where it could have done any damage.

a crimelord and authority figure from the planet Kvabja. Mara Jade claimed to have a gift from the Mrahash to Chay Praysh, in an effort to gain entrance to Praysh's fortress during her attempt to rescue Sansia Bardrin. The Drach'nma guards let her in, but Praysh put in a call to the Mrahash himself to verify the delivery. When the Mrahash claimed to have no knowledge of the gift, Praysh immediately had Mara detained.

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