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15th Deep Core Reserve Fleet
this Imperial Navy fleet was used to supplement the war efforts in the Core Worlds, during the early years of the New Order.

42nd Republican Guard Assault Division
this New Republic Naval squadron supported the 32nd Cruiser Squadron during its patrol of the Kalinda System, during Project Second Chance.

500 Republica
this immense building was built in the Ambassadorial Sector of the Senate District of Galactic City, on the planet Coruscant, and provided dwellings for some of the galaxy's wealthiest beings. Many of the Senators of the Old Republic maintained residences in this building, including former Senator Palpatine, primarily because it offered complete privacy for its residents. Fifty-three individual skydocks were located around the building's fašade providing, restricted access to residents and their guests. Hundreds of private turbolifts could be found within its walls, and security cameras and hidden weaponry guarded every doorway and entrance to ensure that the building's inhabitants were safe at all times. The fact that 500 Republica was such an opulent and immense building, especially when compared to the Senate Rotunda, served as a symbol of the Senators' disproportionate wealth and their corruption, especially to the members of the lower classes of Coruscant.

64-Y Swift 3 Repulsor Sled
one of Aratech's military speeders, the Swift 3 repulsor sled was designed to combat the roving swoop gangs and pirates of the Outer Rim during the New Order. With its speed, it can easily outrun the fastest swoops and speederbikes. With a single medium blaster cannon, drop nets, and a clamping hook launcher, it can also immobilize its targets. Similar to swoops and speederbikes, the Swift 3 is a high-powered engine with a seat.

A-6 Interceptor
this was a small starfighter produced during the last decades of the Old Republic. In stock form, the A-6 was armed with a pair of turbolaser cannons.

A-9 Vigilance Interceptor
a fast, highly maneuverable starfighter built by Kuat Drive Yards, the A-9 was pulled out of the design archives in order to help fill the gap left by the loss of so many TIE Fighters during the Galactic Civil War. However, when the Alliance defeated the Empire at the Battle of Endor, many of KDY's factory worlds were the sites of rebellion and revolt. One such world was the prime manufacturing site of the A-9. When all was said and done, the A-9 found its way to the New Republic's arsenal instead of the Imperial fleet. The craft is 7.4 meters in length, and is armed with a pair of heavy turbolaser cannons. Like the TIE Fighter, the A-9 has no hyperdrive, although it is capable of speeds approaching 1,300 kph.

Aarrba's Repair and Salvage
this starship maintenance facility was run by Aarrba the Hutt, and was located near the ancient Cinnagar starport.

Abregado-rae Spaceport
a once-decrepit establishment, it has been refurbished since the New Republic came into power.

Acre's Spaceport
this was the only publicly-accessible spaceport on the planet Mon Gazza.

this was one of the highest levels of competitors recognized in the game of Strag. It was said that an Adept could plan their game four moves ahead, even in the face of a Piluvian salamander-storm.

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