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a gelatinous food source.

Chuff, Palleus
this man considered himself to have been the greatest actor on the planet Coruscant during the height of the Clone Wars, at least the greatest actor under a meter in height. A diminutive man, Chuff made a fortune playing Jedi Master Yoda in the regular serial Jedi!, of which he was the original writer. The TriNebulon News gave his performance as Yoda a four-star review, claiming that "the Force was with him." Palleus was most proud of his ability to mimic the wry smiles of the tiny Jedi Master, and he named many of them based on the emotion he was trying to evoke: the Gleeful Cackle, the Sleepy Grin, the Slow Almost Menacing Smirk, the Merry Havoc, the Gentle Joy, and the Knowing Yoda Smile were all part of his repertoire. Perhaps his greatest performance came some thirty months after the Battle of Geonosis, when the real Yoda was planning to make a trip to Vjun to negotiate a peace treaty with Count Dooku. Yoda didn't want the main mission to be compromised, so Palleus was hired to play Yoda in real life. He was dispatched in a convoy to Ithor, where he was ambushed by Asajj Ventress. Although Ventress destroyed most of the ships in convoy, she captured "Yoda" alive and allowed the Ithorians to transmit images of the ambush back to Coruscant. When she realized that "Yoda" was a fake, Ventress became angry, but chose not to kill Palleus outright. She took him to Phindar, where she hoped to capture the real Yoda. At the Phindar Spaceport, Palleus found himself fighting alongside Yoda himself. In order to create a diversion, Chuff set the Last Call to self-destruct. The problem was that the explosion of the ship cut off many escape routes for the surviving Jedi, and Yoda was forced to drag Palleus along on a search for an alternate route.

this species of huge floating gasbags was native to the gas giant Taloraan. The sleft-chuffni can grow to be 200 meters in length, and drift along capturing airborne algae with their hanging tentacles. They are the primary source of food for the fleft-wauf.


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