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this man was rumored to have been the best mechanic on the planet Rafft, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War.

Asher III
this Alliance maintained a staging base on this planet, until the Empire tracked them down and destroyed the base shortly before the Battle of Hoth.

this Vratix political party complemented the Zaltin and Xucphra factions of humans on Thyferra during the New Order. The Ashern were considered a terrorist group by the human factions, and was supposedly responsible for introducing contamination into a Xucphra bacta lot, at the direction of the Zaltin corporation. The origins of the Ashern could be traced back to the last decades of the Old Republic, during the early years of Alazhiaxazha, or the Thriving Season. Then known as the Razorclaws, these militant Vratix realized that their people would only be able to retain some measure of control over bacta production if they were able to understand and control the production of alazhi. To this end, the Ashern tried to develop a new strain of alazhi that would increase the effectiveness of bacta. This new strain of alazhi was destroyed about a year after it development, cementing the Ashern's role as terrorists rather than drivers of social change. Years later, Erisi Dlarit's uncle discovered a contaminate in lot ZX1449F, which was eventually traced back to the Ashern. The group was also known as Black Claw, in reference to the way in which they sharpened their foreclaws and painted themselves black to hide in the shadows. The Vratix became concerned about their human counterparts during the outbreak of the Krytos virus on Coruscant, seeing that the Imperial ties to the bacta cartels were becoming stronger. It was at this time that the Zaltin faction began supplying the Ashern with weapons and credits to maintain their attacks on Xucphra-aligned facilities. When they needed addiitonal help in planning their overthrow of Xucphra, they recalled Bror Jace from Rogue Squadron by falsely claiming his father was ill. They then arranged for Jace to "die" in an accident, making it possible for him to assist them without ties to any political body. They sent Qlaern Hirf to petition Wedge Antilles to champion the acceptance of the Vratix in the New Republic, in return for help in creating their own supply of bacta. Wedge agreed, but was unable to make a move when Ysanne Isard took control of Thyferra.

Ashern Circle
this body of Vratix leaders governs the Ashern society on Thyferra.

Ashes of Korr
this was the outermost of the two debris fields orbiting the remore star of Horuset. The planet Korriban was located between the Korriba Scar belt and the Ashes of Korr.

Astopone, Shasheva
this woman served the Alliance as a deep-cover agent on the planet Coruscant, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. She was well-known as the heiress of the fortune her father had made in the export business, and was one of the most generous sponsors of the Galactic Museum and the Skydome Botanical Gardens. Her secret life as an Alliance agent began when Bail Organa recruited her during the early years of the New Order. She agreed to help the Alliance by using her influence and position to meet with leaders of business and government, gathering information that she eventually passed on to the Alliance. However, she lived in fear of being discovered, and would only meet her contacts in highly-public places.

Bone Gnasher
this large, vicious, spider-like creature was native to the underground caves of the planet Tatooine. Some of the internal glands of the bone gansher were used to create deadly poisons.

Borreno, Dashe'
this Naboo girl was only nine years old when she was chosen to participate in the Legislative Youth Program. Considered a prodigy and likened to Padme' Amidala, Dashe' was one of the many junior senators who voted against the Military Creation Act, during a mock vote held by the Legislative Youth Program.

this strong fabric was used to create a minimal form of armor. Chromasheath was an iridescent fabric similar to leather in its appearance and uses.

City of Ashes
this was another name for the city of Ranadaast, on the planet Duro.

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