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Santhe Blockade Runner
a patrol craft manufactured by Santhe/Sienar Technologies on Lianna.

Santhe Corporation
this was the overseeing holding company that controlled the various Santhe and Sienar corporations. The two primary subsidiaries of Santhe Corp were Santhe Security and Santhe/Sienar Technologies. Santhe/Sienar Technologies, in turn, controlled Sienar Fleet Systems, Santhe Passenger and Freight, and Curich Engineering.

Santhe Passenger and Freight
one of the subsidiaries of Santhe/Sienar Technologies, Santhe Passenger and Freight was one of the largest transport corporations in the Tion Hegemony.

Santhe Security
one of the various subsidiaries of Santhe/Seinar Technologies, Santhe Security provided security forces for various Imperial outposts and space stations.

Santhe, Kashan
this young man was Phillip Santhe's son. A quiet man, Kashan was also a close contact of Terri Karl and a dedicated supporter of the Alliance. He uses his relationship with the Lady Valles Santhe to obtain information vital to the Alliance, although Valles and Phillip are unaware of Kashan's activities. Much of his rebellious attitude came from the acquaintances he made while at school in the Core Worlds.

Santhe, Kerred
this founder of Santhe/Sienar Technologies, Kerred Santhe managed to purchase controlling interest in Sienar Technologies some 100 years before the Battle of Yavin. A native of the planet Lianna, he moved the corporation's headquarters to Lianna and renamed the company Santhe/Sienar Technologies.

Santhe, Miri
this young girl was Phillip Santhe's daugther, and Valles Santhe's granddaughter.

Santhe, Phillip
this short, corpulent man was Valles Santhe's only son. A talented engineer, Phillip had no aptitude for politics or diplomacy. A staunch supporter of the New Order, Phillip was the leader of the NOVA project. He couldn't wait for his mother to retire so he could take control of Santhe/Sienar Technologies, and didn't care if the corporation destroyed Lianna or her people. Phillip is the only surviving member of Valles Santhe's family; the other children were killed in anti-Imperial actions by the native Lianns. He was somewhat intimidated by the presence of Rodin Verpalion during the design and creation of the NOVA project.

Santhe, Valles
this regal woman was the granddaughter of Kerred Santhe, and controlled Santhe/Sienar Technologies during the New Order of Emperor Palpatine. She favored true independence for Lianna, but remained loyal to the Empire. She detested the presence of Rodin Verpalion, and was glad when the Imperial advisor decided not to live on Lianna. It was later discovered that she had knowingly sent out transport ships into pirate traps, allowing the pirates - who were actually Alliance starship crews - to obtain needed supplies. After the Emperor's death at Endor, she managed to gain a measure of that independence, but also claimed home rule for Lianna. Lady Santhe also maintained control of the Santhe/Sienar empire, and tried to reinforce her loyalty to the New Order by creating Sienar Army Systems to supply Imperial forces with TIE crawlers and other ground-assault vehicles.

Santhe/Sienar Technologies
this conglomerate was originally known as Sienar Technologies, until Kerred Santhe managed to purchase a majority control of Sienar. He forced the corporation to move its headquarters to Lianna, where it was responsible for the design of several civilian starship designs and components. It was also the parent company of Sienar Fleet Systems, Santhe Passenger and Freight, and Curich Engineering. Following the growth of the New Republic, Lady Valles Santhe decided that she would enter the military market, and began designing war machines under the monicker Sienar Army Systems. Their first designs were provided to the forces supporting the reborn Emperor Palpatine in the battle for Coruscant. Note that the Dark Empire Sourcebook says that Lady Santhe wanted to take control of the floundering Seinar Fleet Systems and remake it in her own image. The result was Santhe/Seinar Technologies, a company independent of Imperial control but willing, nonetheless, to deal almost exclusively with the Empire. Santhe/Sienar was one of the original voting sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority.

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