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Ring, The
this small nebula was considered part of the Twin Nebulae, located in the Greater Javin area of the galaxy. The Ring was actually the last cloud of radioactive gases being given off by the star that exploded eons ago, creating the Twin Nebulae in the intervening millennia. The star at the heart of The Ring was now a black dwarf.

Ring, The
this was the name given to the innermost circle of buildings and hovels that surrounded the LH-3010 freighter that became the center of Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd. The Ring was originally settled by those indentured beings who were imported to Lamaredd to work for Hugo Bartyn's illicit seafood harvesting business. Many of the beings who were brought to Lamaredd balked at being virtually enslaved, and were set free in the middle of the planet's oceans to survive on their own.

Ring, The
this was one of the major skyways found within the city of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. It circled the Westrex district of the city, and carried passengers to the Efavan Port spaceport.

Rish Who Slew Vahgar the Drunken Houk
this was the name of a Jenet who was famous in the history of the planet Garban.

Rising Path, The
this was the Basic translation of a Wookiee term, used to describe the decision by a young Wookiee to leave Kashyyyk and explore the galaxy.

Rite of the Retribution
this was one of the primary laws of the Society of the Black Bha'lir. In the event of a member of the Society deceiving or dishonoring its brotherhood, that member was bound by their oaths to accede to the Rite of Retribution. In this ritual, a tribunal convened to mete out punishment, and the offending being was bound by their oath to accept the punishment, be it expulsion or execution. Those members of the Black Bha'lir who personally hunted out and eliminated violators of the Society's laws were considered "bloodied," and were held in high esteem.

Ritual of the Children
this Ewok ceremony insured that the spirit of a dying Father Tree was transferred to a seed to be reborn. This ritual was required before any a Tree couuld be cut down.

River, The
not really a body of water, the River is wide boulevard in the Off-worlders' Quarter of Ropagi II. Both sides of the road are lined with bars and cantinas which serve every sort of drink imaginable to the visitors of the planet. Visitors which own droids are forced to leave them in the Scrap Heap during their visit to the River.

this Nightsister witch rose to power on her homeworld of Dathomir, in the wake of the Battle of Endor and the death of Imperial Warlord Zsinj. Robetheri took control of the Imperial garrison that was located to the north of the Great Canyon, and ruled over her followers with an iron fist. She adopted the title of War Chief, after she defeated many of her comrades in battle. She dreamed of taking over the entire Nightsister clan, and of eventually conquering the entire planet, until she was unseated by a group of Light Side witches who were supported by a group of offworlders.

Roche Hive Mechanical Apparatus Design and Construction Activity for Those Who Need the Hive's Machines
this was the full name of Roche Industries.

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