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Retribution, The
see Rite of the Retribution.

Return of the Jedi
according to the Journal of the Whills, this was the title of Episode 6 of Star Wars. Return of the Jedi won an Academy Award for Special Achievement for Visual Effects (Lesley Dilley). Return of the Jedi was also nominated for the following awards:

  • Best Sound (Ben Burtt)
  • Best Sound Effects Editing (Richard Burrow, Teresa Eckton, Ken Fisher)
  • Best Original Score (John Williams)


Returning, The
this was a ritual for the survivors of the destruction of Alderaan. Returning involved making a pilgrimage to the asteroid field created by the Death Star's blast, and leaving behind something to honor the dead. A profitable business formed around the production of Memory Capsules in which the survivors could place gifts. The Capsules were then deposited in the asteroid field.

this Najib was a bounty hunter before he retired to his homeworld. He had fled his homeworld when the Empire subjugated the planet, and killed his wife and three daughters in the process. After retiring, Reuther established the tavern he called Reuther's Wetdock. He was a good friend of Thaddeus Ross, and often addressed the pilot in Old Corellian.
(TFE, SWJ4, SWJ15)

Reuther's Wetdock
a popular Najiban tavern located in the planet's main spaceport. It was owned and operated by the Najib named Reuther, a good friend of Thaddeus Ross.

Revels, The
this is the name of the boisterous entertainment district of Talos, on the planet Atzerri.

Reverend, The
this huge, bushy-bearded man frequented the LoBue casino, and was Torve's contact for smuggling food to the Gado hill clans.

Riders of the Maelstrom
this group of humanoid pirates lurked near the Maelstrom, and were under the command of Big Jak Targrim. They had a lucrative operation going, attacking ships that were forced to revert to sublight speeds to pass near the cloud of dust. When Rodin Higron won the planet Oasis - located within the Maelstrom - in a crooked sabacc match, the Riders suddenly found themselves with competition. To make matters worse, Higron's pirates only preyed on Imperial ships, and brought Imperial forces into the area. Targrim made a vow to stop Higron, and created a unusual plan to capture a large starship and crash it into Oasis. When he put the plan into motion, the Riders ended up capturing the Kuari Princess. They managed to lock out any control of the navigational system, and aimed the liner at the planet. Only the timely intervention of Alliance agents saved the Kuari Princess. Most of the Riders escaped.

Riding the Mirror
this was the name used by the workers onboard Coruscant'sOrbital Solar Energy Transfer Satellites (OSETS) to describe their tours of duty.

Rig, The
this space station was taken over by the Crimson Nova chapter of the Bounty Hunters' Guild during the last decades of the Old Republic. Located in a remote asteroid field within the Stenness Node, The Rig was a needle-shaped vessel that provided the security and anonymity the bounty hunters required.

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