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Red Feathers
this Imperial cargo carrier was dispatched to follow the Yellow Rover to the battle for control of the planet Ession. The Red Feathers was the primary contact ship for the Night Caller. The crew of the Night Caller initially mistook the Blood Nest for this carrier, as the old pirate ship had placed itself in a position to assist in the assault on Ession. The Blood Nest was actually full of three squadrons of X-Wings. It faked a break-up upon emerging from hyperspace, and set its self-destruct mechanism. As the ship disintegrated, the X-Wings fired up their engines and fell with the pieces of the ship, then broke away and attacked the TIE Fighters coming from the Implacable.

Red Fury Brotherhood
this was one of two primary pirate organizations which survived in the Cularin System, during the era of the Battle of Naboo. The Brotherhood allied themselves with Nirama, and were given a good deal of work smuggling personnel and supplies into the system underneath the watchful eyes of the Old Republic.

Red Quarren, The
this was the name of a notorious pirate who roamed the seas of Lamaredd during the last decades of the Old Republic.

Redoubt, The
this globular cluster of densely-packed stars was located deep in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. Because of the density of stars in The Redoubt, navigation was virtually impossible without an extension knowledge of both the area and astronomical physics. Sensors were useless in the area, due to the intensity amounts of radiation and background noise generated by the stars. Comets and planetoids moved through The Redoubt on orbits that were continually altered by the changing gravitics of the area. Shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion of the galaxy, the Chiss had spent more than 200 years studying The Redoubt, trying to understand its mechanics, as a way to ensure their species' survival. Should the time ever come when the Chiss were overwhelmed, they planned to flee into The Redoubt and hide until such time as they could return to their worlds. The pace of their research was quickened during the last fifty years, after the destruction of the Outbound Flight Project.

Reef, The
this was the name used by the Menahuun to describe the asteroid belt that surrounded the Lamaro System. It was believed that the asteroids were formed when the system's original two outermost worlds collided with each other.

Re-Engineered, The
this was the name used by the Arkanian people to denote those individuals in which genetic manipulation failed to produce good results. A Re-engineered individual could be of any race, and the Arkanians showed no favoritism in their experiments. The natural Force energies of the living creature to be Re-engineered was altered dramatically after thei procedure, and remained tainted for the rest of the individual's life.

Reflection of the Essential Infinities
this was the Qella name for the strange orrery discovered by Lando Calrissian and Lobot aboard the Teljkon vagabond. The room contained strange, peglike structures which activated a huge viewscreen. The viewscreen depicted a vivid, lifelike image of the Qella home system, providing them with a vision of its existence prior to the cataclysmic loss of its moons. The orrery was destroyed when the Gorath and other ships from Foga Brill's fleet attacked the vagabond in the Prakith System.

Rejuvenation Therapy
developed during the New Order and popular during the early years of the New Republic, this form of non-essential medical treatment allowed certain individuals to tone their bodies, both mentally and physically, making them appear younger.

Resorts, The
this was the name given to the 500 or so bases established by pirates, smugglers, and mercenaries who lived on Ord Antalaha.

Rest, The
this was the name given to the members of a race of aliens who had existed for eons in the depths of space. Having descended from a race of intelligent, organic machines created by an extinct culture that was destroyed by a supernova, their race had closer to a state of perfection than any other race in the galaxy. In appearance, The Rest appeared to be fifty-kilometer-long starships that were ovoid in shape and covered with polished silver plating. Nevertheless, they were semi-organic in composition, and they were entirely sentient. However, because of their desire to remain separated from the rest of the galaxy, these beings and their society had grown stagnant by the time of the New Order, and they longed for excitement and risks. One such risk, many millennia earlier, became a problem for them, as it caused violence and destruction, and they were forced to recover it. The One, though, foresaw that continued isolation and safety would eventually lead to the death of their civilization, so he created Vuffi Raa and sent the droid out into the galaxy to learn more about its peoples.

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