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Rail Vorkan and the Space Pirates
this was a holovid series which was popular during the early years of the New Republic.

Ralmathen Corridor
this crystalline boulevard graces the city of Neskroff, on Isis.

Rank, The
this was a dead area found in the vast oceans of the planet Lamaredd. It was rumored that any ships that ventured too close to The Rank mysteriously disappeared, and it was said that a Menahuun hunting party regularly patrolled the area, destroying any non-Menahuun vessel they encountered. It was later discovered that Guther Bartyn dumped the lees from his mining operations into the ocean near The Rank, after piping it through thousands of kilometers of underground pipelines. Because of the continual outflow of waste, The Rank continued to grow in size. The environmental damage caused by The Rank caused the Menahuun to launch sneak attacks against the Outer Rim Oreworks, in an effort to force Bartyn to stop the dumping.

Rathe Palror
this Tunroth sharpshooter was a member of Churhee's Riflemen. A member of the shturlan class, he was one of the few survivors of the assault on Y'Trella. Rathe decided to forgo his pro-Imperial stance and later assisted Riij Winward in his escape from Tatooine.
(GG12, TFE, SWJ12)

Razers, The
this swoop gang rosse to power on Stend VI in the wake of the departure of the Skulls, and maintained the reign of terror that their predessors established. They specialized in the theft and fencing of vehicles and parts.

Reading the G's
this phrase us used by starship pilots to describe the ability to fly a ship by tactile feel, rather than by instruments.

Rebel Alliance, The
the popular name given to the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Rebellion, The
this was the term often ascribed to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, although it was most popular in the Empire.

Reborn, The
this was the name given to the Dark Jedi who were trained by Desann, during the early years of the New Republic. Most of the Reborn were tainted at the Valley of the Jedi on Rusaan, but Desann had other plans for gaining converts. He allied himself with Admiral Galak Fyyar, hoping to use Fyyar's unusual technology to twist beings to the Dark Side of the Force. However, with Desann's death at the hands of Kyle Katarn, the Reborn were left without a leader and a direction. The surviving members - those that chose not to fight back - were rounded up and held for questioning about Desann's activities.

Recovery, The
this was the Basic term used to describe the rebuilding of Gorothite civlization during the millennia following The Scouring.

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