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Prophet of the Void
this was the title given to the leader of the Charon Cult of Death. The Prophet was an individual who was, in effect, the supreme leader of the Charon race.

Prophet, The
see Yu'shaa

Prophetess, The
according to Chiss records, this woman oversaw the development of the Yashuvhi colony, instilling in them an obscure knowledge of the Force. Further investigation by Luke Skywalker into the books of the Expeditionary Library revealed that the Prophetess was actually Valara Saar.

Prophets of the Dark Side
this was the name of a secretly-operating group of Imperial Intelligence agents who are continually spying on the galaxy's activities. The Prophets were all trained in the use of the Dark Side of the Force, and used their power to delve into the possible future outcomes of any event. During the height of the New Order, the Prophets were led by Kadann, the Supreme Prophet. The prophets appeared to be black-bearded individuals who wore gleaming black robes. After the Battle of Endor, each of the Prophets obtained a great deal of power within the remnants of the Empire, and many of them made some bold revelations and predictions. Among them, the Prophets supposedly had predicted the exact time and place for the destruction of both Death Stars by the Alliance. They continually worked to make sure their prophecies come true, at any cost, in order to retain their power. It was later discovered by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker that there were actually two groups of Dark Side adherents known as the Prophets of the Dark Side. The group led by Kadann was actually an offshoot of the true Prophets of the Dark Side, which evolved on the planet Dromund Kaas after Darth Millennial broke from the Rule of Two in the wake of the Battle of Ruusan, and established his own training center on the planet. These Prophets were eventually taken over by Emperor Palpatine, who used them to train his own group of hand-picked Dark Jedi. The Prophets eventually fled Dromund Kaas for Bosthirda, after they angered the Emperor.

the science of using mechanical systems to replace organic ones. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader both benefitted from prosthetic systems, although Vader's were much more extensive than Luke's right hand.

Protectors, The
this was a term used by certain members of the Jedi Order to describe their membership, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was a term that sprang from the basic Jedi beliefs that all life must be protected and nurtured. As the Old Republic became more stagnant and the Jedi Order more insular, the Protectors was a term used with something more along the lines of conceit and pride, further evidence of how far the Jedi had fallen from their ancient ideals.

Protocols, The
this set of laws which govern the challenges and duels which dominated Adumari society, the Protocols stipulate - among other things - that any duel must benefit both combatants. A young pilot who challenges an older, more experience pilot, will be refused under the Protocols, since the older pilot has nothing more to gain from the duel. Another Protocol used in fighter craft duels involved the setting of match numbers, which specified the size of the opposing teams. Once a challenge was made, the recipient could accept or decline, If they accepted, they had the right to set the match number.

Provider of the Sun, The
see Kavaan

Puddle, The
this was the name given to the ramshackle town which sprang up around an oasis on a backwater, Outer Rim desert world. Named for the oasis itself, The Puddle was owned and operated by the Gotal Tilossa during the height of the New Order. Tilossa turned The Puddle into a small marketplace for smugglers, where they could unload stolen cargoes in exchange for other, illegally-obtained goods.

Pure, The
this monicker is used by the Yevethan rulers to describe their race. They believed themselves the purest form of life in the galaxy.

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