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Beneath the Galdronian Moon: A Modern Lover's Epic
this romance novel, written by Verigriss Tranex, described the trials and tribulations of Mareoian and Rekvan during the height of the New Order.

Betrayal, The
this was the term used by the Renatasians to describe the period in their history when Vuffi Raa was believed to have betrayed their confidence to the invading Imperial fleet. During the early days of the New Order, Vuffi Raa and Ottdefa Osuna Whett spent 700 days in the Renatasian System, ostensibly to investigate their culture in preparation for its admittance into the Empire. Their mission was simply a ruse that allowed Whett, who played a simple assistant to Vuffi Raa, to gather all manner of information on the Renatasians, which he then relayed to his Imperial superiors. Thus, then the Empire brutally subjugated the Renatasian System, the natives believed that it was Vuffi Raa who betrayed them. The droid became known as the Butcher of Renatasia, and a group of former militia met set out to destroy him. The twenty-four men were led by Klyn Shanga, and they spent many years simply searching the galaxy for information before locating the droid aboard the Millennium Falcon. When Klyn Shanga later teamed up woth Rokur Gepta to hunt down Vuffi Raa and Lando Calrissian, Shanga realized that Osuno Whett was the driving force behind the Betrayal, not Vuffi Raa. Thus, when Whett was killed at the ThonBoka, the revenge of the Renatasians was complete, and the Betrayal was avenged.

Bet's Off, The
this cantina was located on the Jubilee Wheel space station. Roa planned to visit the Bet's Off in order to discover information on the whereabouts of Reck Desh.

Big Bridge, The
this was the name of the large causeway that connected the city of Ugnorgrad to Grukk's Jungle, on the floating city known as the Ugnaugth Surface.

Big Game, The
this was the name used by Adminstrator Simon Greyshade to describe the gladiator events he staged aboard The Wheel, during the years following the Battle of Yavin.

Big One, The
this was Fadoop's nickname for Chewbacca.

Big Push, The
this was a slang term that described the killing of another individual, as in "giving him the Big Push."

Big Quince, The
this sleepy bar and grill was located on the planet Chrona, in the mining town of Corestrike.

Billi B and the Paradise Gang
much of this muscial ensemble's music was banned by the Empire.

Birth of the Alliance
this was one of many pro-Alliance holo-vids produced by No-Holds-Barred during the height of the Galactic Civil War.

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