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this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy.

Petothel, Dalls
this man was Gara Petothel's father. An agent of the Empire's Intelligence agency, he married a fellow Intelligence agent, Edallia Monotheer. After Gara was born, both Dalls and Edallia were arrested and with funneling secret Imperial information to rebel forces on the planet Chandrila, and were executed.

Petothel, Gara
this woman, a native of Coruscant and the daughter of two Imperial Intelligence agents, was lithely built and distinguished by a beauty mark on her right cheek. Her parents groomed her to become an Intelligence agent herself, but they were arrested for an unspecified crime when she was old enough to hate them and miss them at the same time. Since the Empire had been her life, she joined the Intelligence agency and rose quickly through the ranks She spent a good deal of time in the guide of Chyan Mezzine, a New Republic Naval officer. Later, as one of the code slicers who worked on the Morrt droid deployment project, she was able to provide the Republic with the false information that led to the destruction of Talon Squadron. She also discovered the New Republic's base on Folor, but actually found the false beacons placed on the opposite side of the moon. This allowed the starfighters to scramble and get away before Trigit could attack. During the destruction of Trigit's command ship, the Implacable, Petothel used her slicing skills to gain entrance to Trigit's personal escape pods to flee the ship before it could take her with it. After escaping, she wondered at the reasons the Empire would condone the actions of a man like Trigit, who would willingly sacrifice his entire crew for a mission's outcome, especially if retreat would mean the chance to fight another day. After returning to Coruscant, she assumed the identity of Lara Notsil, which involved dyeing and cutting her hair as well as removing her birthmark. As Lara, she eventually gained a place in Wraith Squadron. The part of her that was still Gara wanted to use her new position to gain her a place with Warlord Zsinj, but after seeing the New Republic's actions from the other side, she decided to remain as Lara and break off all ties with the Empire. However, she re-used the Gara Petothel identity after she was exposed by Garik Loran's investigations and fled the Wraiths, in order to gain access to Zsinj and the Iron Fist. She claimed to be working for the Empire again, but instead managed to severely disable the Iron Fist before fleeing to Corellia and adopting the identity of Kirney Slane.

Phantom Menace, The
this was the title of Episode I of Star Wars, as supposedly documented in the Journal of the Whills.

Piggy and the Orbting Nasties
this was one of the loudest, most obnoxious musical groups ever to evolve on the planet Cularin.

Pinnacles of Thelm
this collection of rocky foothills was located on the planet Roon, where it was the favored breeding ground of the native mogo.

Pit, The
this large junkyard was located on the outskirts of Coronet's Blue Sector, on the planet Corellia. It was here that many crimelords eliminated any troublesome individuals, since bodies were rarely ever found beneath the junk. It was said that there were more "organic drop-offs" at The Pit than there were actually deliveries of garbage.

Pit, The
this was the name of an abandoned, offshoot tunnel located within the Spice Mines of Kessel. It was here that particularly recalcitrant prisoners were taken for solitary confinement.

Pit, The
this area of scattered asteroids is located at the end of the Kessel Run. Although the Kessel Run is more dangerous, more ships are lost in the Pit because many pilots breathe a sigh of relief that they've passed beyond the Maw. They let their reflexes down just when they enter the asteroids. The asteroid field was strewn through the green, wispy arm of a nebula, much like Smuggler's Run.

Pit, The
this bar and restaurant, located in the main concourse of Elrood Starport, was an anomaly among spacer establishments in that it had a relaxed, professional atmosphere.

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