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Order of the Sacred Circle
this was the religion that dominated the planet Monastery. The name of the Order originated from the rings of debris which encircled the planet. To the adherents of this religion, the rings represented the eternal and ever-renewing cycle of life. In all matters, the Order of the Sacred Circle tried to remain strictly neutral. During the Separatist crisis that engulfed the galaxy just before the Clone Wars, Monastery opened her ports to refugees, provided that they converted to the Order upon their arrival. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, their belief in the circle of life kept them from siding with either the Empire or the Alliance, for fear that the war would break the circle of life and doom the galaxy. The Emperor dispatched Darth Vader himself to convince the Order to side with the Empire. His arguments convinced the leader of the Order, the young Domina Tagge, to side with the Empire. Sister Domina, however, had already planned to side with Vader, in an effort to force him into a deadly duel with Luke Skywalker. The Order suffered greatly from the Imperial presence near Monastery, and when Domina Tagge stepped down as the High Priestess of the Order, the Circle of Elders agreed to ally themselves with the Alliance.
(HNN5, MC34, MC37)

Order of the Terrible Glare
this ancient preisthood was based on the planet Garn. It was destroyed by the Jedi Knights thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, but the Order left behind the Portal Desolate on Garn. Within the portal was a computer-generated image of Rur, the last of the Order's High Shamen. Rur's image was placed there to destroy the Jedi once the Order could be re-established. However, when Luke Skywalker discovered the portal during the Galactic Civil War, the computer system coudn't reconcile the facts that the Jedi were extinct and a great deal of time had elapsed. The computer syste exploded, taking with it the last remnants of the Order.

a race native to the Binarran Cloud.

Other, The
this being was a member of an alien race which existed for eons in the depths of space, descending from a race of sentient machines that was created by another race that was wiped out when their sun went supernova. Like The Rest of his people, The Other resembled a huge, ovoid starship that was covered with polished silver plating. The Other's race had grown stagnant, and they longed for excitement and risks. One such risk became a problem for them, as it caused violence and destruction, and they were forced to recover it. Thus, The Other was amazed to learn that The One had created the droid known as Vuffi Raa as a kind of recording device, activating the little droid and sending it out into the galaxy to interact with other races and report back.

Others, The
this was the Basic translation of the Colony's word for any being who was not a member of the Kind.

this was the name given to a vast expanse of dead, lifeless worlds floating in a dark gray nothingness near a huge black hole. It was known to a small group of deep-space explorers, as well as the Charon race, whose homeworld was located near the black hole. Otherspace was dominated by clouds of energy which swirl and swarm around starships, causing problems with navigational and communications systems. The stars found in Otherspace appeared as smaller black holes, and many of their planets were scoured by the Charon and their death cult. Often, starships which suffered hyperdrive malfunctions while traveling through hyperspace got deposited into otherspace, where they wandered aimlessly, unable to maintain their shipboard systems and unable to resist the Charon.

this specialized obstacle was used on swoopchasing courses. It was similar in design to The Channel, in that it was a completely enclosed portion of the race course. However, there were no light inside the Otherspace arena to guide the riders. Instead, a series of infrared beacons marked out the path which the riders must take. This required that riders quickly put on a set of infrared goggles prior to entry, or they would be utterly blind inside the arena. Alien races who could see in both the visible and infrared spectra were at a slight advantage on courses with this obstacle. Because of the high level of danger involved with the Otherspace obstacle, the only sanctioned races which use it are open to experts with several years of experience. Outlaw races used Otherspace at any level, and often booby-trapped the Otherspace arena with ion flares to momentarily blind those riders wearing infrared goggles.

Otherworld Encounter
this adventure supplier was located on Cloud City, and provided paying customers with a chance to hike across the surface of Bespin's inner core in a virtual-reality environment. To ensure that patrons are happy, and remain cognizant of the fact that the illusion wasn't real, five-piece bands played music in the false craters.

Out From The Shadows
this was one of the many drug abuse awareness and outreach programs which sprang up on Coruscant, during the last years of the Old Republic, as youths began avoiding the galactic climate by immersing themselves in drug-induced euphorias.

Outer Rim, The
a name given to the furthest reaches of the Invisible Sector of Imperial City, on Coruscant. It represents the areas in which the aliens who live there are trying to expand their territory.

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