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Next Chance, The
a casino located in Equator City on Rodia.

Nici the Specialist
this individual was well-known to the underworld of Coruscant. For a price, Nici could obtain a completely new identity for just about any individual. Han Solo sought out Nici's services after escaping from Ylesia and being apprehended by Parq Yewgeen Plancke at the Imperial Bank of Coruscant. Han had a complete cell re-arrangement and retinal surgery in order to mask his former identity, in order to gain entrance to the Imperial Space Academy. Han had the new identity given the name "Han Solo."

Nimbus, The
see Nimbus Soldiers.

Nine Corellian Hells, The
the Corellian people believed that there were nine distinct levels of Hell into which a being would fall, if they were deemed unworthy after death. Many Corellians used an oath similar to "Where in the Nine Corellian Hells am I?" when they were unexpectedly lost.

Nine Moons, The
this was a mystical reference used by the natives of the planet Tirahnn.
(LTA1, MCA1)

Nocturne of the Winged-Stars
this unusual, natural event took place every 300 years on the planet Caluula. Scientists from across the galaxy gathered on Caluula to investigate its origins and triggers. During the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Caluula was expected to experience another Nocturne, shortly after the Battle of Ebaq. During the Nocturne, thousands upon thousands of winged-stars emerged from their chitinous shells and began their mating dance. Unlike other species which were similar in physiology, such as the drone-flitter, the winged-star had just a single day to attract a mate, then successfully fertilize and lay their eggs. What made the winged-star even more unusual was that its eggs took the next 299 years to incubate and hatch. Thus, it lived its entire life in one brief day. It was this day that drew scientists from across the galaxy to witness the Nocturne.

Northeast Refineries
this was one of four ore refineries established on the Ugnaught Surface, during its construction. Once the floating city was completed, the refinery was converted into housing and business facilities for the Ugnaughts who made their homes on the Surface.

Northern Bands
this was one of the smaller overclans of the Alwari Ansionians.

Northern Dune Sea
a section of Tatooine's massive Dune Sea, the Notherern Dune Sea was separated from the Western Dune Sea by the Great Mesa Plateau and the Jundland Wastes.

Northern Frontier
this rugged area of the planet Sevarcos was located in the northern-most reaches of the upper hemisphere. It was known for its rich deposits of carsunum spice, which was the rarer of the two varieties found on the planet.

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