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Battle of Bilbringi, The
in the wake of the Galactic Civil War, the Bilbringi shipyards remained an Imperial depot, although they were open to most smugglers and other shippers. Grand Admiral Thrawn used the shipyards regularly, keeping his existing ships together while building new ships to expand his fleet. Just prior to this battle, Thrawn had managed to pen the New Republic on Coruscant by planting a number of cloaked asteroids in orbit around the planet. The Republic worked to locate the asteroids, and learned that they could detect them with the use of a crystal gravfield trap (CGT). The Empire had one stored at Bilbringi, and so the Republic devised a plan to steal it. At the same time, the rough smuggler's alliance was also trying to steal the Empire's CGT, in an effort to gain favor with the New Republic. Thrawn learned of the smugglers' plan, and laid a trap for the Republic. The trap was sprung, but the combined forces of the New Republic and the Smugglers's Alliance overcame the Imperial fleet. Thrawn's forces were driven away from Bilbringi. Thrawn was killed by his bodyguard following the battle.

Battle of Galboron, The
this was one of the most famous historical battles of the Empire.

Battle of the Maw
this was the name given to the struggle between the New Republic and the Imperial forces under Admiral Daala, shortly after the destruction of Carida.

Battle of the North
this was one of many minor struggles in the civil war between the Daan and the Melida, during which both sides fought for control of the city of Zehava. The Melida were generally regarded as the victors in the battle.

Battle of the Plains
this minor struggle in the civil war waged between the Daan and the Melida was initiated by the Daan, in retaliation for the Melida victory in the Battle of the North nearly one hundred years earlier.

Battle of the Rood
this battle was part of the conflict that resulted from the Imperial invasion of the Renatasian System. The Battle of the Rood was a minor skirmish in which Kenow and Klyn Shanga fought as boys.

Bearer, The
according to the ancient Sharu legends, the Bearer would return to the Rafa System in the company of the Emissary when it was time for the Mindharp to be activated. The Bearer would return with the Key of the Overpeople when the ancient danger had passed and it was time for the Sharu to emerge from hiding. The Bearer was described in the legends as a dark-skinned space pilot who seemed to have a great deal of luck and skill. Any being found to be falsely portraying the Bearer would be staked to the ground in the deepest part of Rafa V's deserts, where the Toka believed that the spirits of the ancient Sharu would deal with the individual as they saw fit. When Rokur Gepta heard this, he sent Osuno Whett to the Oseon System to look for a pilot who fit this description. Whett chose Lando Calrissian as his first candidate, and Lando eventually fulfilled the purpose of the Bearer, releasing the Mindharp for use.

Becoming One with the Force
an ancient Jedi text written by the Master Trayos Toreggen.

Belt, The
this was one of the major skyways found within the city of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. It snaked between the Westrex district and High Town, and connected the Arch to the western part of the city.

Belt, The
this dense field of rocky debris was located in the Vex System, in the Moddell Sector of the galaxy. The Belt almost completely surrounded the swampy world of Vex Major, making it exceptionally difficult to navigate to the planet. A collection of outposts were established in The Belt by independent prospectors, freighter jockeys, and scientists, and a thriving business sprang up around hiding fugitive starships in the asteroids during the Imperial occupation of Moddell Sector.

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