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Means to the End
this was another name for the Mindharp that was built by the ancient Sharu.

Meet, The
this was a generic term used to describe Ithorian Herd Meets.

Meltdown Cafe, The
a well-kept dining establishment in the Corellian sector of Nar Shaddaa's spaceport. It is one of the three most popular hangouts for Corellian spacers, and is known as a great place to get a meal.

Menagerie, The
this collection of unique galactic creatures was maintained by the Five. It was contained within the confines of the Hellhoop. Chewbacca was once placed in the Menagerie, when the Five thought he was just a large beast. He escaped, and liberated the other creatures, including the Force Demon Wuzzek.

this immense, boat-shaped bulk cruiser was the command ship used by the Tofs during their invasion of the galaxy, some months after the Battle of Endor.

Merry Havoc, The
this was the term used by Palleus Chuff to describe one of the many facial expressions used by Jedi Master Yoda. Chuff was a noted actor whose portrayal of Yoda in Jedi! made him famous across the galaxy.

Message, The
this was the name used by those Yuuzhan Vong Shamed Ones to describe the story of Vua Rapuung and his friendship with Anakin Solo. The story told of how the Jedi Knights worked with the Shamed Ones to expose the heretical theories of Mezhan Kwaad, along with the information that the Yuuzhan Vong gods might not be as powerful as the priests had led their civlization to believe. The Message was passed from Shamed One to Shamed One, with never more than three individuals being in contact at one time. This ensured that, in case one Shamed One was arrested for spreading The Message, no more than a few other individuals could be arrested as well. This allowed The Message to spread throughout the galaxy, becoming a force that the Yuuzhan Vong commanders were hard-pressed to deal with. When Nom Anor adopted the personage of Yu'shaa, the Shamed Ones began spreading The Message with earnest, and it began to reach the ears of more powerful inviduals. Nom Anor twisted the basic story to meet his own needs, inventing the Rainbow-eyed Enemy to represent the powerful Yuuzhan Vong establishment. The Message was altered to bring the Jedi Knights more to the forefront, and eventually became known as the Jedi Heresy to all castes of Yuuzhan Vong.
(FH1, FH2, FH3)

Metatheran Cartel
during the last century of the Old Republic, the Trade Federation was led by three alien races: the Neimoidians, the Filordi, and the Caarites. Both the Filordi and the Caarites were unprepared for the Neimoidians' plans to blockade the Naboo System, and decided to break off their relationship with the Trade Federation. Together, the two races formed the Metatheran Cartel, and begin making plans to wrest control of Cularin from the Federation if the blockade of Naboo should fail. When the Federation was defeated at Naboo and was faced with the loss of their trade charter, the Metatheran Cartell assumed control of Cularin. The Cartel made a serious effort to eliminate piracy in the system, and placed a number of restrictions on trade and commerce.

this form of explosive weapon was developed during the last years of the Old Republic, but was relegated to backwater use by cheaper, though more destructive, forms of explosives. Microtherms detonations were confined to a small volume, but caused highly concentrated damage within their blast radius.

Minds and Perceptions: A Comparative Study of Persuasive Techniques During the Galactic Civil War
this work described, in detail, the various methods used by the Empire, the Corporate Sector Authority, and the Alliance to extract information from captives. It was written by Ulm-Aaa-Janzikek, and was published by Triplanetary Press.

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