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Martyr of Drongar, The
this was the title used in many newsfeeds to describe Phow Ji, after his death on Drongar during the height of the Clone Wars. The name referred to his seemingly heroic actions in wiping out a gang of Salissian mercenaries and their battle droid army, ostensibly to save the staff at Rimsoo Seven and allow them to relocate in the face of a Separatist attack.

Master of the Order
this was the title bestowed upon the highest-ranking member of the Jedi Council, during the last decades of the Old Republic. During the years leading up to the Battles of Naboo and Geonosis, Mace Windu held the position of Master of the Order. When Master Windu joined the many Jedi Knights and Masters who assumed military positions during the Clone Wars, the title was given to Yoda, who remained on Coruscant to serve as Chancellor Palpatine's chief military advisor.

Material Synthesis
a Gree technology, material synthesis involves the reconfiguration of matter by requantification of its nuclear structure. This allows the Gree to take common materials - such as silicon, carbon, and hydrogen - and create rare and valuable isotopes and elements.

Matriarch Spirit of the Sand
see Felid Slin

Matrix, The
this was the name given to the industrial-strength sound system created for the Glow Dome on Adarlon. Over 1,000 separate speakers provide the sound, which could be played from slugs, audio disks, or live performances. Much of The Matrix was coupled to the intricate and intoxicating light show created by Lytos Urtell, further enhancing the hypnotic quality of the SenseLights.

Matthews, Tev
this Alliance Colonel was involved with the Alliance almost from the beginning, serving with distinction during the liberation of Galleefryn II before opening up secret supply routes through the Corporate Sector. However, an information leak allowed data on these missions to reach the Empire, and was eventually captured. Just before capture, though, Tev managed to get his son, Ty, out of the Corporate Sector on a smuggling ship. Tev later died under interrogation.

Matthews, Ty
the son of Tev Matthews, Ty joined the Alliance at the young age of fifteen, eager to support the cause his father so deeply believed in. Ty was adopted by his father's old unit, after Tev was killed while under Imperial interrogation. Demonstrating a skill with circuit repair and an understanding of technology, Ty was eventually assigned as a computer technician aboard the Home One. He further distinguished himself while on the Mon Calamari crusier, and soon found himself on Admiral Ackbar's staff. He earned the rank of Lieutenant, and was later responsible for decrypting the contents of the Imperial message drone captured in the wake of the Battle of Endor.

Maw, The
this collection of black holes was located near the planet Kessel. Its existence was one of the galaxy's strangest mysteries, since it seemed improbable that a group of black holes could exist in such close proximity. The greatest minds in the galaxy argued about its conception, with some beings claiming it a freak of nature, and others claiming that it was a gateway device created by some lost, ancient civilization. Because of the intense gravity in the area, the Maw was slowly drawing the entire Kessel system into the black holes. It was later discovered that the Maw had, in fact, been built by an ancient race. This race was known as the Celestials by the Colony, but the exact reasons for the construction of the Maw were never learned. Other histories pointed to the possibility that the Killiks created the Maw.

Maze, The
a hangout frequented by Maarek Stele and Pargo on Kuan.

Maze, The
this spacers' bar was located on an unspecified planet in the Mid Rim.

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