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Mandalore the Ultimate
this was the title used by the leader of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders during the era of the Old Sith Wars. Mandalore the Ultimate took control of the Mandalorian survivors after the death of Mandalore the Indomitable on Dxun, rallying the survivors of the Great Sith War and forming the Neo-Crusaders in the process. This Mandalore believed that the Great Last Battle was at hand, and accepted beings of any race to join him in the quest for immoratilty through combat. During the Mandalorian Wars, Mandalore the Ultimate was vanquished by the forces of the Old Republic, and the Mandalorian order was again left battered and leaderless.

Manka Hunter, The
the name Greedo planned to use for his Incom corsair, which he purchased from Shug Ninx.

Mantle of the Force
this ancient artifact was uncovered in the shop of Suvam Tan, on Yavin Station, more than 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. The Mantle itself was simply a crystal, although it was imbued with the power of the Force. When used in conjunction with other crystals in the construction of a lightsaber, the Mantle of the Force was believed to have the ability to alter the abilities of the blade, giving the wielder unusual powers. When used in a lightsaber, the Mantle of the Force produced a blade which had an azure color. The Mantle of the Force was believed to have been even older that another such artifact, the Heart of the Guardian. It was pieced together from shards found by Suvam Tan in the temples of Exar Kun on Yavin 4, and many historians believed that it was much more powerful in its original, complete form.

Marais, The
a group of planets in the Koornacht Cluster, the Marais appealled to the New Republic for membership after the start of the Yevethan Great Purge.

Marauder, The
this was one of the many nicknames used to describe Kaox Krul.

Mark of the Crown
this subtle mark of succession was a characteristic of the true heir to the throne of Gala, but was not a specific birth-mark or identifying feature. The Mark was known to the Galacian Council of Ministers, who could test and individual for its presence. Viso was the primary member of the Council who knew the way to determine the presence of the Mark. Deep within the palace, a special room contained a mosaic floor of pale blue tile. An intricate pattern of silver marked a square within a square on the floor. Whenever a Galacian stepped into the center square, it activated a sensor system that swept the being with a cascade of lights. If the being wore the Mark, the shadows of light would outline them. A Galacian who didn't have the Mark would not cast a shadow.

Market Potential of Known Outer Rim Worlds: A Report to the Galactic Trade Federation
this was a report on the possible profits which could be gained from trade with several Outer Rim Territories worlds, including Tatooine. It was authored by Rune Haako, who felt that Tatooine was too ridden with vice and corruption to have any worth.

Market, The
this was the name used by the Jawas to describe the huge tower of rock, deep in the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine, where they would gather their sandcrawlers to buy and sell their junk. The Jawas welcomed other beings from Mos Eisley or Mos Espa to join them during their trade sessions.

Marketplace, The
three-levelled shopping place near the Tower of Law on Bimmisaari.

Marstan, Thew
this carnival strong-man worked for Kersh Lauskner's Travelling Animal/Acrobatic Arcadium. He was renowned for this size; at just under a meter in height, he could bar metal bars and lift a platform on which audience members were sitting. The source of his strength has never been revealed.

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