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Madman, The
this was one of the many nicknames used to describe Kaox Krul.

Maggy the Gorgon's Tavern
located in a section of Mos Espa not controlled by the Hutts, Shmi Skywalker asked her young son Anakin to get his ruby bliels from this tavern, rather than from the Blue Brubb. They also befriended an old spacer who frequented the bar, and who told them stories of the other planets of the galaxy, as well as stories of the Jedi Knights.

Maker, The
a droid's reference to the person who created the first droid, who was also known as The One Who Creates.

Maker, The
this was the deity which controls the world of the Sunesi race. When certain Sunesi, like Agapos the Ninth and Nee, began to use the Force to heal others, the Sunesi believed that it was a gift from the Maker. The Maker was also known as the Giver, and was believed to be the single being from which the galaxy's diversity of life flowed. Most Sunesi believed that the Maker loved all his creations, but was not above using a sense of humor in his creations.
(SWJ10, BP)

Maker, The
this modified YT-1300 was owned and operated by Sythluss Leethe. Leethe had installed a wide range of security measures to prevent the ship from being stolen, including stun steps and incapacitating gases. It was armed with a turret-mounted quad-laser cannon and a pair of forward-mounted concussion missile launchers. Leethe often traveled with the ship, under the name of One Shot, during his dealings in the black market manufacture of droids. Despite the many security measures, T'Charek Haathi and her Alliance shipjacking team managed to steal The Maker for the Alliance.

Manarai, The
this was one of the most expensive and exclusive restaurants located in Coruscant's Imperial City. Prince Xizor was a silent partner in the business.

Mandallian Narcolethe
this Mandalorian alcohol was famous in the Outer Rim Territories.
(GG9, SWI80)

Mandalore the First
this ancient Mandalorian warrior was the first of his kind to take control of the various sects and unite them under a common leader. He was generally credited with leading the invasion that conquered the planet Mandalore, which was believed to have been named for him.

Mandalore the Indomitable
this was the name of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusader who took control of the ancient brotherhood shortly before the onset of the Great Sith War. Mandalore the Indomitable was defeated by Ulic Qel-Droma during the fighting, and agreed to help Ulic during the Sith War. He helped Ulic realize that Aleema was misleading him, but continued to fight for the Sith. Mandalore sent his forces to Kemplex Nine, while he himself went to Coruscant to rescue Ulic and Exar Kun. After regrouping their forces, the Sith Lords ordered the Mandalorians to descend on Onderon. Mandalore agreed to the mission, and attacked Iziz. However, his forces were overcome Onderon during a pass of the Dxun moon, and fled to the moon for refuge. There, Mandalore the Indomitable was killed by one of the Dxun beasts.
(TSW, SWI80)

Mandalore the Resurrector
this was the name adopted by the clone trooper known as Alpha-02, after he escaped from Kamino and traveled to Mandalore. Alpha-02 was obsessed with restoring the Mandalorian Protectors after Jango Fett's memories were unlocked in his mind.

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