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Lluch, The
this criminal was active during the years following the Battle of Naboo. He was implicated in the distribution of illegal holograms with Gabo the Wicked, but never arrested.

Long Drink, The
a free-floating bar and grill located near Morjanssik on Calamari, The Long Drink was a large, domed facility that was connected to the city. This central dome housed the main bar and grill, with various tables and booths. There were three smaller domes attached to it, one housing a casino, one serving as the establishment's office center, and one acting as a docking station. The establishment was run by the Quarren Kruluk.

Long Walk, The
this was the Socorran name for the self-imposed exile of an Ibhaan'I shaman or priest. The Long Walk was named for the fact that these men leave their tribes of their own volition and wander the open desert on their own. To many, this is considered suicidal. However, the shamen - known as the bronwen - gain respect and power as they survive in the intense desert conditions.

Loop, The
this was the name of the 8-X unirail train system that surrounded the city of Tal'cara in an elliptical circuit. The majority of the unirail track was belowground, and station stops were the only sections located above the surface.

Loop, The
this wide road formed a circle around the city fo Qaestar Town, on the planet Talus.

Lord Kavad and the Skaalite Orchestra
a musical ensemble which performed during the last years of the Old Republic and into the era of the Galactic Civil War.

Lord of the Expanse
this was a term used to describe any ranking member of one of the noble houses of the Tapani Sector.

Lost City of the Jedi
a hidden, underground city found on Yavin Four, the Lost City of the Jedi was created long ago by the Jedi Knights. Its entrance is formed by a 2-meter cylinder of green marble hidden deep in the rain forests of the moon. The exact location of the entrance was kept secret by the Jedi, although the existence of the City has been known for years. Kadann even knew the City existed, but he never found the exact location. Once the circle of marble is opened, a tube-shaped transport descends to the city itself, which was a technological marvel of its day. The Jedi Library is located in the City, the storehouse of all the greatest Jedi lore and knowledge. In order to preserve the secret of the City and its location, the ancient Jedi programmed droids to guard and protect it. These droids were the only residents of the City until the Jedi Knights hid the boy Ken there, for safe keeping until he could emerge as a Jedi. The City was eventualy damaged in the battles between Trioculus and the New Republic, and was shut down and cut off.

Lost Twenty, The
this was the term used by the Jedi Order to describe the twenty Knights who voluntarily left the Order to pursue their own agendas. The Order itself chose to remember the Lost Twenty by constructing bronzium busts of each former Jedi, as both a reminder of their honor and the regret at their departure.
(HNN5, E3N)

Lost, The
this was the name given to those children who were native to Cularin, but for any number of reasons had slipped through the cracks of society's agenda. The Lost were not central to any one city, but were common across the planet. They lived in abandoned warehouses and other hidden areas, and were often led by one or more charismatic individuals who worked diligently to give these children a chance to rise from their isolation. Many of these children were abandoned by travelers or dumped by slavers moving through the Cularin System, but there was a large number who simply ran away from home. Lora Nadad, one of the champions working for The Lost, estimated that there were between 1,500 and 2,000 children who fit this class during the years following the Battle of Naboo.

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