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Ballad of Shan'Gredor, The
this piece of Jenet literature supposedly documented the conquest of the danchaf by Chirr't Ferr, who set a trap for the danchaf and then had his own warriors exterminate the creatures.

Ballad of the Jedi Mechanic, The
this ballad, written by Tionne, was created to honor Jaina Solo's graduation from the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy.

Bank of the Core
one of the original signatory sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority, the Bank of the Core is one of the galaxy's largest financial institutions. The Bank owns at least a majority interest in over 3,000 different banking corporations in and out of the Corporate Sector. They also mint most of the Authority's currency, and control over three-quarters of the loans issued in the Sector.

Bank, The
this was the name of Gandle Ott's law-making parliament. The body was originally formed to create and modify the planet's laws, and evolved into an advisory council for the planetary governor.

Barricade, The
this pirate tactic was one of the oldest known methods for stopping a ship in space. The pirate fleet would use tractor beams to move a large asteroid or other debris into the realspace location of a hyperspace travel route. The body would then create a mass shadow in hyperspace, forcing the target ship's hyperdrive to shut down and revert the ship to realspace. Once the target was in realspace, the pirates attacked at will while the target ship's command crew was still disoriented after being dragged out of hyperspace before their destination.

Barrows, The
this section of the planet Trulalis is known as "the graveyard," for it is filled with the tombs and mausoleums of the dead. It was here that Adalric Brandl retreated after escaping Imperial control, hoping to make up for lost time with his son, Jaalib.

Bartru and the Blaster Rays
this Celanon-based musical group was fronted by a Devaronian singer. Many beings couldn't tell their music from the dying wails of several alien species.

Bartyn, Guther
this man was one of the many descendants of Hugo Bartyn, and served as the twenty-third mayor of Bartyn's Landing during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. Many saw Guther's tenure as a new low-point in the governing of the settlement, similar in many ways to the tenure of Hugo bartyn himself. Guther lacked any charisma or personality, and seemed to have learned decorum and manners from the Hutts. Although he grated on nearly everyone he worked with, nobody had the bravery to confront him about it. Guther spent most of his time with one of his many mistresses, or working on his personal ship, the Tria Blue. After the Tria Blue was destroyed by Menahuun insurgents, Bartyn began to fear for his life, and spent much of his time hiding in the family estate, located at the foot of Mount Hugo. After a group of freelance agents were able to negotiate a peace treaty with the Menahuun, Bartyn found himself in an unenviable position. His family's history of genocide against the Menahuun was revealed, and the Outer Rim Oreworks corporation severed all ties to him and his family. Bartyn himself was forced to seal up the secret entrances to the mines, and was ordered to relinquish control of Bartyn Gourmet Delicacies. His tenure as administrator of Bartyn's Landing was brought to an end, and democractic elections were held to replace him. Although he lived peacefully for several months with the new situation, Bartyn's mind eventually snapped, and he set out to re-activate the MMV mining droids that were guarding his tunnels. The local law enforcement agency was forced to arrest Bartyn and send him to jail.

Battle of Bajic, The
this battle was a definitive Imperial victory, during the time just prior to the Battle of Endor. Darth Vader was able to decimate the Alliance fleet, creating some problems with the planning of the Battle of Endor due to substantial losses to the Alliance.

Battle of Bakura, The
prior to the Battle of Endor, the Emperor Palpatine made a deal with an alien race known as the Ssi-ruuk. In exchange for enteched battle droids for the Imperial fleet, the Emperor would give the aliens the human subjects they needed to entech. He provided the location of the planet Bakura, which the Ssi-ruuk attacked just prior to the Battle of Endor. The Alliance, fresh from the defeat of the Emperor, recovered an Imperial distress signal, and went to Bakura in an effort to help the now-displaced Imperials. An uneasy truce developed between the Alliance's team and the Imperials, which was almost undone by internal treachery. The combined forces overcame this, however, and were able to soundly defeat the Ssi-ruuk and drive them back to their part of the universe. Many of the Imperials renounced their commissions to join the new-formed Republic.

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