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Knowing Yoda Smile, The
this was the term used by Palleus Chuff to describe one of the many facial expressions used by Jedi Master Yoda. Chuff was a noted actor whose portrayal of Yoda in Jedi! made him famous across the galaxy.

KyLessian Feather Mite
this miniscule insect made its home on the shafts of the feathers of the KyLessian fruit bat.

Labyrinth, The
this was the name of the honeycombed tunnels and passages which wove beneath DarkStryder's fortress on the planet Kathol. The original tunnels had been excavated by the ancient Kathol, during their attempt to preserve their life-energies within the Lifewell. DarkStryder's bio-engineered servants, especially the Charr Ontee, were directed to expand the Labyrinth, and the Maoi and Segmi both created their own tunnels and warrens as part of the Labyrinth.

Lady Luck, The
this was the largest gambling facility found within the Roaring Crater, on the planet Tasariq, during the height of the New Order.

Landing, The
see Bartyn's Landing

Landing, The
this was the only mining settlement to remain standing on the planet Engebo V, after the Outer Rim Oreworks facilities on the planet were abandoned. It became the planet's most populous location, and the site of its only active spaceport. Shortly after the Madman's Fortune crashed onto Engebo V, a school of skekfish was inadvertently released by Nell Davengatt. Nell and her companions had gone to check out the crash, and opened Goontirk's escape pod to investigate. The skekfish burrowed into the ground and sped toward the nearest food source, killing many beings in The Landing before they could be contained.

a planet in the Mid Rim.

Lanthe Artifice
this Tapani Sector droid manufacturer developed a number of automata for the use of the noble Houses of the sector. Lanthe was the sister corporation of Danthe Artifice. Both corporations were originally based on the planet Lanthe, but fled Lanthe when the Imperial Moff began nationalizing its corporations.

Lantillian Spacers' Brotherhood
a second-rate version of the Corellian Merchants' Guild, the Brotherhood is open to any spacer who applies. It provides many of the same services as the CMG, but doesn't have messaging or financial services. It also doesn't have the CMG's economic clout, and became a victim of Imperial harrassment during the Galactic Civil War. The various Lantillian guildhouses offer moderate accomodations to their members.

Laser Lathe
this was a computer-controlled machining device which used a super-fine, super-accurate laser to form intricate replacement parts.

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