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Journal Of The Whills, The
this legendary set of stories was believed to have been collected by the Ancient Order of the Whills, a higher order of beings who had an incredible connection and understanding of the Force. The Journal of the Whills supposedly recounted the events leading up to the Clone Wars, documenting the advent of the New Order, and continuing to tell the story of the Galactic Civil War. It was believed to have had either six or nine chapters, or episodes.

Journey of the Minds
this immense, 102-volume work was a collection of ancient Snivvian philosophical texts.

Judges of the Dead
located on the planet Socorro, this landmark was made up of four 50-meter tall rock formations. Found between Vakeyya and the Rym Mountains, the Judges of the Dead were believed by the local population to resemble hooded women which their faces hidden in sorrowful contemplation. The area became something of a shrine, and the Socorrans believed that a dead person's soul traveled from any point on the planet to be judged by the four women before being released to the afterlife.

Junkyard, The
this was one of the primary scrapyards found on the planet Ord Mantell during the height of the Galactic Civil War.

Just Another Art Form
this song, written and played by the band Deeply Religious, was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. It first appeared on the compilation Deeply Religious.

Kallarak Amphitheater
this famous landmark was located on the planet Coruscant. During the last centuries of the Old Republic, the Kallarak Amphitheater could seat a million spectators, and drew some of the galaxy's most popular and enduring talents. Despite its reputation as a concert hall and its sheer capacity, the Kallarak Amphitheater was known to have poor acoustics. Also, the farthest seats from the stage required that many concert-goers purchase holographic viewers to see what was happening on the stage below.

Kalmec, The
this was one of the most successful criminal organizations found on Ralltiir, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. The Kalmec was founded by a group of dishomed Wookiees, who shaved the hair off their shoulders in an effort to prove to other beings that Wookiees had actual skin beneath their fur. In other words, Wookiees were not that different from other races. However, there was a darker side to The Kalmec. Below their social activism, the Kalmec were providing an information gathering system for many powerful organizations. It was rumored that The Kalmec was in league with the Separatists, using their informations to sow counter-intelligence that bred dissent on many planets. These rumors were based in fact, since shaven-shouldered Wookiees often appeared on planets where secessionist movements gathered large support.

Kanarak the Slayer
this pirate was noted for the necklace he wore around his neck. It contained one bone from each of the enemies he had killed in battle. Kanarak was a huge, hulking, reptiloid with a long, fang-studded snout and two short horns. He was known to be excessively violent and aggressive. Kanarak was approached by Dhas Vedij and offered a chance to serve on the crew of the Far Orbit, after Vedij defected from Imperial service.

Kanziwck Amphitheatre
an open-air entertainment facility.

Keder the Black
this paid assassin and spy infiltrated the Coruscatn royal guards who were protecting Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, during the months leading up to the Battle of Naboo. His employee was an unknown being, as was the reason for Keder's presence in the royal guard.

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