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Imperial Justice: Triumph of the New Order
this Imperial documentary was produced by the Imperial Heritage Museum, and described the events surrounding Vune Willic's attempted assassination of Emperor Palpatine. Including within the documentary were Willic's personal diaries, as well as HoloNet news reports on the Galactic Games, the actual assassination attempt, and Willic's trial.

Imperial Military Guide to Correct Thought, The
this multi-volume Imperial document described the requirements for acting as a proper Imperial military representative, and also prescribed disciplinary actions for those who allowed their thoughts to wander beyond military matters.

Imperial, The
this hotel was considered the most luxurious facility found at the Bonadan Southeast II Spaceport, during the early years of the New Order.

Imperial, The
this elite restaurant located on the Kuari Princess's Bazaar Deck. It recreated the experience of having dinner in an audience chamber that overlooked the Imperial City skyline on Coruscant.

In The Political Pit
this was a popular political debate show, which aired on the Old Republic HoloNet during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.

In The Red
located on the Galasol Strip, on the planet Bonadan, this was a cantina that was known for its rowdy patrons. Uldir Lochett and his crew often stopped at the In The Red for a drink during layovers.

Inner Court of the Transcendant
this structure, located on the planet J't'p'tan, was erected by the H'kig settlers there. It was a wide, open space surrounded by ornate walls and buildings.

Intergalactic Society for the Protection against Cruelty to Animals
this watchdog group tried to protect the rights of non-sentient, living creatures, during the early years of the New Order.

Iron Tether
this starship was part of the Old Republic's Space Rescue Corps, during the years leading up the onset of the Clone Wars. It was attacked while traveling near the Lahara Sector's Cowl Crucible, by several snubfighters and a Corellian-made freighter which were believed to have been dispatched by Separatist forces. In order to survive, the captain of the Iron Tether took the ship into the radiation-laden Cowl Crucible, but the crew sustained little injury and was later rescued by a Jedi Knight team led by Darrin Arkanian.

this plant was native to the planet Bogden, and was known for its hard branches. The branches were compared to durasteel in strength, although its shoots are tender enough for the giant renda bear to eat. Many of these plants were exported to the Core Worlds for planting in rooftop gardens. However, on Bogden, the ironwithe died off every decade or so, and this seemed to affect offworld plants as well. Many scientists theorized that the ironwithe had a "quantum entanglement reaction" in its DNA, causing all ironwithe to die off, no matter where they were in the galaxy.

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