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Hunt, the
this is the term used within the circle of bounty hunters to describe an individual hunt. It carries an almost reverent meaning.

Hunters, The
this was the name used by Imperial General Maximillian Veers to describe the group of AT-AT pilots he personally hand-picked to serve as part of the Blizzard Force, which participated in the Battle of Hoth.

Hunting Telik the White
this epic Equat poem told the story of a hunt for a massive, albino farlek.

Hutt Two-Step, The
this was a baudy bar song that was popular during the last decades of the Old Republic.

Hutt's Last Laugh, The
located in The Blinders district of the port city of Sahl-Evin, "The Laugh" was the primary watering hole for the workers who built starships on the planet Jenenma. The name of the tavern was based on the fact that a Hutt used to run The Blinders for many years, until it simply pulled up its operations and left. The Hutt's criminal organization remained behind, continuing to operate despite the absence of its leader. Located in the rear portion of The Laugh was a large room, large enough to hold a deep fighting pit. The edges of the pit, which was splattered with blood and gore from a myriad of races, were enclosed by panes of starship windows. These protected the beings who watched the fights staged in the pit, while keeping the combatants inside.

Hyperspaze and the Jump Lanes
this musical group toured the galaxy during the height of the New Order, playing music that was as popular as it was controversial. They were eventually banned by the Empire. Much of their music was inspired by the raw emotion and intense drive of the Alliance agents they encountered while touring the Outer Rim.

Ice Cube, The
this was a derogatory term used by cold Alliance agents to denote the GlitterFall base on Elbara Nine.

Icicle, The
this was one of two cantinas which were located in the outpost settlement of Elesa, on Ando Prime, during the early years of the New Order.

Icon, The
this was the name of Drac Gerrat's fishing vessel.

Imperial Guide to Negative Reinforcement, The
this Imperial military document described the correct usage of negative reinforcement, and proscribed the correct punishments to be used in certain disciplinary situations.

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