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Atrisian Order of the Nine Stars
this was one of the highest forms of decoration awarded to the members of the Atrisian Royal Corps.

Atrium of the Senate
see Atrium, The

Atrium, The
this was the name given to the grand entry hall of the Senate Rotunda, located on the planet Coruscant. Located just behind the Great Door, The Atrium was lined with statues of the Old Republic's greatest heroes and politicians. After Coruscant was taken over by the Yuuzhan Vong, much of the Atrium was destroyed during Ganner Rhysode's attempt to hold off the warriors who were pursuing Jacen Solo and Vergere. However, during the reshaping of Coruscant into a new version of Yuuzhan'tar, parts of the Atrium were rebuilt to create a vast, yorik-coral cavern which served as the antechamber to the Well of the World Brain.
(T, UF)

Attention to the Moment Gives Knowledge
this was one of many Jedi training exercises used by the students of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, before they were chosen as Padawan learners. The students were required to close their eyes and, using only the Force, observe their surroundings in great detail.

Avenue of the Core Founders
this thoroughfare led from the Old Republic's Senate Chamber outward into Imperial City. It was lined with towering, humanoid statues and sunken sitting areas.

Aviary, The
this was the term used by the local residents of Vlarnya to describe the area of the city in which the pilots tended to reside.

Award of the Mechanic's Nightmare
first given to Garik Loran by Cubber Daine, this Wraith Squadron honor was bestowed upon the pilot who returned from a major engagement, and whose starfighter had suffered the most damage.

Baath Brothers
this group of brothers controlled the Outlander Club during the last decades of the Old Republic. They were considered some of Coruscant's most dangerous - and most successful - crimelords, and built the Outlander Club from a small establishment into a thriving entertainment facility. Note that this contradicts Coruscant and the Core Worlds, which indicates that Volven Roxe owned the Outlander Club.

Balance, The
this was the term adopted by Luke Skywalker and the new Jedi order to describe the new view of the Force that was embraced after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. The Balance simply indicated that all aspects of the Force were in balance with each other. Master Skywalker taught his new Jedi to embace the Force as a single power, forgoing the concepts of a Light Side and a Dark Side. Thus, the actions of the new Jedi order were guided simply by the will of the Force. The Jedi were charged with taking any action that the Force deemed necessary to maintain the Balance, even if it seemed to draw on the Dark Side of the Force.

Balance, The
this was the primary tenet of the religious sect known as the Undying Flame. Yuuzhan Vong who joined the sect worshipped the sibling deities Yun-Q'aah and Yun-Txiin, who represented love and hate and all things opposite in the universe. However, the two deites were equal and opposite parts of a whole, and it was this whole that was represented by The Balance. The continual attempt of the universe to achieve The Balance was known as the Great Dance.

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