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His Grace the Duke Gadal-Herm's Safety Inspectorate
this small, government-funded group produced the E3-standard escape pod during the last years of the Old Republic.

Hi-Sense Prosthetic Eyes
these NeuroSaav cybernetic enhancements allow the recipient to view the world with increased resolution, enhanced color coordination, and UV and IR inputs. They provide the user with improved clarity and detail, including data on heat dispersion, enhanced coloration, and shadow illumination. Many recipients wonder how they ever got along with their organic eyes.

History of the Jedi Knights, The
this tome was rumored to exist in the legendary Jedi library, located on the Nespis VIII space station. It was found on the station by Tash Arranda, during Mammon Hoole's search for Project Starscream. When she opened it, she released the spirit of Aidan Bok, who helped her escape from the station with Hoole and her brother, Zak.

History of Two Peoples, One Planet, The
written by Theosidicc Sirrap Treblif and published by Elomin Press, this volume dcouments that history of the Elomin and Elom races on the planet Elom.

Hive, The
this was the primary entrance used to gain access to The Pits, located on Stend VI. Hive traffic control was staffed completely with organic beings, since there was an unspoken hatred of droids at The Pits. The Hive was a tall, honeycombed column which was built atop the main building, and provided visitors with stalls in which to park their swoops. The hexagonal stalls were particle- and ray-shielded, and access was given only after the proper identification was given. Turbolifts carried patrons from their stalls to the entertainment areas below.

H'kig, The
this religious sect was formed by the faithful masses who believed in the messages being spread by the religious leader H'kig on Galand. They bought two starships and fled the planet after H'kig was executed, and landed on Rishi, where they set up a theocratic government. The H'kig religion stressed the values of simple living, and the elimination of unnecessary material possessions. The H'kig religion has defined its ascetic code of values, venerating physical labor while eschewing technology, and restricting the physical appearance of its members. They were generally tolerant of other beings and religions, provided that they didn't interfere with H'kig practices. The H'kig wrote their tenets using a number of sacred glyphs, each of which had a special meaning. Some of the glyphs were so sacred that they cannot be spoken aloud. The H'kig considered themselves above their Galandan-stock roots, and no longered considered themselves Galandans. That term was used to describe those natives of Galand who refused to convert to the H'kig religion.

a planet with three natural satellites. It is the homeworld of the H'nemthean race.

see H'nemthean

this was the primitive language of the H'nemthean race. The spoken form consisted of suqeaks, squeals, and noises that most other races found irritating. The written form was made up from wispy lines connected in sinuous patterns that formed letters and words.

native to the planet H'nemthe, these humanoids resemble Gotals in that they have cone-like appendages of their heads. That is where the resemblance ends, though. Gotals only have two cones, while the H'nemtheans have four. The H'nemtheans have blue-gray skin, and their faces are covered with three ridges of bone and skin running from their cheeks to their chins. They have graceful noses and feathery eyelashes covering bright green eyes. The H'nemtheans are not Force-sensitive, as are the Gotals. The females also have silver, knife-shaped tongues, which are used as part of a bizarre mating ritual. When a female consummates her relationship with a male, she eviscerates him with her tongue, leaving him for dead. It is believed that this ritual is a biological reaction to the existence of twenty males for every female on H'nemthe. When the Empire subjugated their homeworld, many H'nemtheans abandonded it. Many joined the Alliance, working from a base on Anoat to coordinate the shipping of supplies throughout the galaxy.

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