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this was the handle of one the many HoloNet users who lived in the Cularin System during the last years of the Old Republic.

Hadiss the Vaulted
this Geonosian was the ruler of his planet, emerging from the Stalgasin Hive during the years prior to the Battle of Naboo. A veteran of the physical and mental battles forced upon the Geonosians during their evolution, Hadiss the Vaulted preferred to solve issues in battle. Rather than simply allowing criminals and others he despised survive in the petrana-ki gladiator arenas of his homeworld, Hadiss ensured that any individual who survived the neessary trials finally had to defeat an enraged acklay. His leadership skills were questioned by a small minority, led by Poggle the Lesser, during the years prior to the Clone Wars. After Poggle managed to win his way out of the gladiator arena, he received the backing of Darth Sidious and was eventually able to defeat Hadiss in battle. In a twist of fate, Poggle attacked Hadiss while riding on the back of an acklay, which cut Hadiss into three pieces before devouring him.
(SWI60, SWI66)

Hall, The
this long gallery was located in the center of the Great Pyramid on Rafa V, and contained a number of exhibits that depicted the history of the planet and its primary inhabitants, the Sharu and the Toka. The beings who became the Bearer and the Emissary were required, upon entering The Hall, to view each exhibit in turn before approaching the gallery's most valuable exhibit - the Mindharp. If the Bearer and the Emissary tried to bypass the exhibits, the computer system that controlled The Hall would activate, and vocally direct them to the exhibits. In this way, The Hall could intereact with the Bearer and the Emissary, and provide them with any additional information they might need to understand the Mindharp and its purpose. The Hall could not, however, explain how an individual could obtain the Mindharp, which appeared atop a twelve-meter-tall life-crystal. The Bearer was required to figure out this puzzle on their own, at which point The Hall would allow them access to the Mindharp. When Lando Calrissian, Vuffi Raa, and Mohs were able to enter the Great Pyramid and acquire the Mindharp, they were surprised to learn that they had spent nearly four months inside the structure, interacting with The Hall and its exhibits.

Hall, The
this was the name given to both the administrative headquarters of the planet Esseles, as well as the primary governmental body. Both were located in the capital city of Calamar.

Halvala, Bethelia
this woman was the leader of the Symatrum League during the New Order.

Hand of Thrawn, The
this was the title of one of the datacards discovered by Lak Jit near the bear of Mount Tantiss. It referred to the hidden base of the Chiss, which was a heavily-guarded fortress with five upraised towers that gave it the impression of a hand. It was located on the planet Nirauan.

Hand Pot, The
this was one of the smaller casinos found in the Westrex district of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. Like the other casinos in Efavan, the Hand Pot was located along the Casino Line.

Hansen FeatherTouch
this tractor beam unit is capable of amazingly fine operations. They can harmlessly pull a bird out of mid-flight, or rip a small freighter to pieces. The FeatherTouch is turret-mounted, allowing it to be used in a multitude of configurations.

Hanther, Tinian
this woman served the Old Republic as an officer of the Department of Health during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. An expert in the areas of plant-borne contagious and diseases, Tinian was assigned to the Intelligence agency just after the Battle of Geonosis. For her first mission, Tinian was assigned to the team dispatched to rescue Edbit Teeks from the planet Tarhassan. Like most of the rest of the team, Tinian was a rookie, and relied more on her bureaucratic training than her gut instincts. She proved to be a better improvisor than her fellow rookies when she agreed to help Joram Kithe infiltrate the Nehass prison facility to rescue Teeks. Tinian pretended to be a guard, transferring Joram from the facility in Dandahass. Despite the injury to Tuhm, the rescue attempt was eventually successful, and Teeks was returned to Coruscant for debriefing.

Hawk-bat, The
this was a nickname used by many members of the Jedi Order to describe Master Jai Maruk, because of his fierce, wild stare during combat or other intense times.

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