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Greens, The
this wide stretch of grassy coastline separated the city of Qaestar Town from the Corteone Ocean, on the planet Talus.

Greenwell, The
this large arboretum was located in the Bakur Memorial Building, at the small end of the wedge-shaped building. It was created to take up all six levels of the building, like an huge atrium. Inside, native flora surrounds a series of bubbling fountains and babbling waterways. The main entrance to the Greenwell was from the statuary park on the grounds of the Bakur Complex, although access was possible via turbolifts from any level. A smaller greenwell was located along the wider edge of the Memorial Building, but was not as wondrous as the main Greenwell. For this reason, it was not often visited by tourists, and became a place of relaxation for the workers at the Complex.

Grill, The
this buslting, black-market district of the planet Lan Barell was a haven for all sorts of refugees and exiles. A strong cell of support for the Alliance emerged there during the Galactic Civil War.

Grove, The
this was the name given to the peaceful stand of trees that separated the Matale Fields from the Sandral Fields, on the planet Dantooine.

Guardian of the People
this was the name given to the being who was nominally the leader of the Peacekeepers, those beings who maintained order among the survivors of the Outbound Flight Project.

Guardian of the Republic
this ancient Liberator-class troopship was decommissioned shortly before the fall of the Old Republic. It was purchased at auction by Garris Shrike, who renamed it the Trader's Luck.

Guardians of the Breath
this was the name give to the ancient Kashi mystics who were able to control the Force. The Guardians maintained all the lore and skills used to call upon the Breath in oral traditions, as it was considered blasphemy to put any of the knowledge into writing or other concrete format.

Guides, The
this was the Cestian term for those dashta eels that grew to maturity from fertilized eggs. Unfertilized eggs grew into immature eels that never reached adulthood. Like all dahsta eels, the Guids lived beneath the surface of the planet Ord Cestus, hidden in grottoes beneath the Dashta Mountains. The X'Ting and human workers who were forced to labor for the Five Families believed that the mature, Force-sensitive Guides provided them with guidance in their lives, and devoutly maintained the secrecy of the location of the dashta eel pools. The original dashta eels retreated into the grottoes of the Dashta Mountains to avoid the struggle for survival that occurred on the planet's surface. They remained isolated until the Cestians began to settle in the caves of the nearby Zantay Hills, when they gladly gave their friendship to the newcomers. Often, the loyalty of an individual was tested by forcing them to place their arm inside a heavy, sand-reed basket. Rather than placing a poisonous creature in the basket, the Cestians placed several dashta eels. If the being under scrutiny could be trusted, the eels simply allowed the hand to be extracted. If a being proved devious or otherwise unworthy of trust, the eels viciously attacked the arm. Because the Guides and their immature brethren were highly attuned to the emotions of the Cestians, they gladly turned over some of the immature eels for use in creating the "living circuitry" of the JK-series of security droids. The Guides believed that, once the Cestians were accepted into the wider galactic community, they would be much happier. This communal friendship and love was noted for its healing influence on the Cestians, who kept their location a secret. However, the Guides had only given permission for their sterile young to be used in defensive droids only. The altering of the JK-series droids' programming for combat confused the Guides, who wondered why other beings could not understand their desires. They were scared that the immature eels would go mad from trying to comprehend the order to kill another being, and lost a measure of trust in their humanoid companions. In the wake of the destruction of the Five Families, the Guides fled into the deeper caverns with the dashta eels, and were not seen again.

Gulch, The
located within the Serianan Asteroid Belt in grid 867-3A4, the Gulch is the nickname of a huge cavern located within the largest of the asteroids. First documented by Korren Starchaser and his team, the Gulch was unusual in that it appeared to be partly natural and partly excavated by some alien race. On the surface of the asteroid were several runes and glyphs, many of which dwarfed Starchaser's scout ship, the Jedi Dreamer. Detailed examination of the runes showed that they had been tooled into the surface of the asteroid. However, anyalsis of the composition of the asteroid revealed that the body is made up of extremely dense and resistant minerals. In the rear of the cavern was an alcove that contained several alien statues. This alcove was carved out the rock of the asteroid, which is all the most astonishing given the dense nature of its composition. The five statues could easily be carried by a human, but were impounded by the New Republic before further analysis could be done.

Guts and Glory: A Chronicle of the Amazing Story of The Twisted Rancor Trio
this unofficial biography of the band known as the Twisted Rancor Trio was written by the band's original manager, Gilthos Uksaris. The story chronicled the band's formation and subsequent reformations, leading up to their engagement at the estate of Davik Kang.

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