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Great Southern Reaches
this was one of the southernmost locations found on the planet Corellia.

Great Spiral, The
a reverential term used to describe the galaxy.

Great Spirit of the Forest
according to the Ewoks the Great Spirit of the Forest is the force that controls life in the forests of Endor.

Great Structure, The
this was the guiding set of 14 ven which dominated the Ulizra religion of the ancient Nazzar. A student of the Ulizra had to take a year or more to study and understand each ven before he or she could progress to the next level.

Great Temple, The
located on Yavin's fourth moon, in ancient times it was the center of the Massassi civilization. When Exar Kun arrived on the moon and used the Massassi souls to power his own greed, he destroyed the Massassi, and the temple was abandoned to the relentless jungle. When the Alliance needed a remote base, it chose Yavin 4 for its huge temples, and set up their primary command center in the Great Temple. Following the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance abandonded the base, and it lay empty until Luke Skywalker asked Mon Mothma for a place to train the new Jedi Knights. She suggested Yavin 4, and Luke set up his Jedi praxeum in the Great Temple. The temple has five distinct levels, plus an observation level at the very top. The temple stood for several years before it was attacked by the Shadow Academy. The shields which protected it were destroyed by Commander Orvak, who also placed several proton grenades in the Temple. He hoped to bring the Temple down on itself, but his explosives only damaged minor areas of the structure. Luke chose to rebuild the Temple, rather than relocate, because it was still salvageable and it would help his students train and rehabilitate after the attack. A trader from Tatooine loaned the use of a ronto to assist in moving the large chunks of rock which could be found, and the Temple quickly began to retake its shape. The Temple's rebirth only lasted a few years, until the Yuuzhan Vong realized that they coulf capture the students at the Jedi training center for use in determining the source of The Force. Then, when a team of Shapers was sent to Yavin 4, the Temple was razed and "eaten" by five huge damuteks to make room for the Shapers' complex.

Great Tree, The
the first and largest tree in the Endorian forests, it is at the heart of the Ewok religion.

Great Tree, The
this was the name given to the largest and healthiest tree found in the Kkowir Forest, on the planet Kashyyyk. It stood in the center of what was the Mysess Glade, and was revered by the Kerritamba tribe of Wookiees for its strength and age. During the height of the New Order, the shamans of Kerritamba Village were concerned that the Pultor Virus - the disease that was destroying the Mysess Glade - would also consume the Great Tree.

Great Walkway, The
this was a vast, pedestrian path that led through the tree-villages of Kashyyyk, more than 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War.

Great Wall, The
the huge wall that separates the Valley of Royalty from the mountains of Duro.

Greedo the Elder
this Rodian bounty hunter grew up on the planet Tatooine, and was a contemporary of nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker. A much younger Greedo the Eldero accused young Anakin of cheating during the Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine, and Anakin set out to change Greedo's mind by beating him up. Qui-Gon Jinn, who had won Anakin's freedom from Watto, broke the fight up. He then explained to Anakin that fighting was never going to change Greedo's mind. Greedo the Elder later returned to his wife Neela on Rodia, and they had a small family together with the birth of a son, who was named Greedo after his father. Unfortunately, Greedo the Elder was killed in one of Navik the Red's many purges, and his family fled.

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