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Kaylo NaKuda
this Herglic owned Kuda's Compound, a speederbike and swoop sales and service facility adjacent to The Pits, on Stend VI. He was known for his fair, albeit high, prices and excellent customer service, and most of his customers come back again for new service. Kaylo also handled the day-to-day operations of The Pits, since Pinnix was usually off on mysterious personal business. Kaylo was a long-time friend of Yin Vocta, and loved to find ways to use Vector Technologies devices in his work. Despite his fair prices and apparently slim margins, Kaylo stills turned a hefty profit. What was unknown to most beings was that Kaylo was using slave labor to perform most of the work, and he was obtaining stolen parts from the Razers swoop gang in return for other favors.

Kech, Nakk
this Khuiumin Survivor was the Captain of Rock Squadron, under the command of Jacob Nive. He was killed several months after Corran Horn - under the alias Jenos Idanian - joined the Survivors, when the Invidious suddenly jumped out of the system during a raid. Another Invid raid - under the command of Shala the Hutt - was under attack, and Leonia Tavira felt that the losses to Rock Squadron were minimal compared to the other group.

this was a common name among the Noehon race.

a race of pudgy, white humanoids from the planet Kirdo III, these creatures have tough, leathery skin and can draw into their folds of skin and seal vulnerable body openings. This trait allows them to protect themselves from Kirdo's harsh desert environment. Their normal body temperature is 106 degrees. A second pair of lungs allowed the Kitonaks to hold their breath for up to four hours during sandstorms. Their heads are mushroom-shaped, and their eyes, nose, and ears, and mouth are hidden from view by folds of skin. The four stout fingers on each hand are extremely dexterous. Kitoanks are easy-going, patient creatures who rarley rush anything. This is a trait developed from hunting choobas on their homeworld. A Kitonak will stand motionless in the desert, pretending to be a sulfaro plant, until the chooba's congregate near them. When a chooba crawls onto the Kitonak and into their mouth, which resembles the cavities of the sulfaro, the Kitonak simply consumes the chooba. A single chooba can sustain a Kitonak for a standard month. Kitonaks do not walk in the normal sense of the word, because their feet are actually muscled pads which are studded with olfactory organs. To move, a Kitonak alternately expands and contracts the muscles in their feet, much like a snake. The feet also provide the Kitonak's sense of smell.

this immense Barabel served as the representative of his clan during the last decades of the Old Republic. Although he gradually became lazy and obese, Korshnak was once a gifted warrior, as evidenced by the scars that criss-crossed his body. He maintained his position by drawing on clan superstitions and his own history, while sending younger and more powerful rivals off as his "champions" on dangerous missions. He was a staunch supporter of Barabel freedom, and used a combination of strong-arm tactics to keep offworlders from gaining a foothold on his clan's lands.

Kuat Vonak
this small corporation produced several versions of laser cannons for light to medium duty.

Kyolorian Snake-God
this deity humanoid in shape, but is covered with irridescent scales.

Losron, Kinakt
this man was a former employee of Kiharaphor Engineering, but was drafted into the Empire when Mof Sarne started working with the DarkStryder device. However, Losron was unable to determine how the device worked. Sarne declared him incompetent and sent him to the Q'Maere detention facility. While in the prison, he befriended Lowen Chase and was an integral part of the planning of the riots which freed the prisoners. Once aboard the FarStar with Chase, Losron became instrumental in leading the mutiny which swept the ship. Losron and Corla Unser took control of Engineering, but were unable to secure the ship because of its cobbled-together state.

Lufa Danak
this was the name of an infamous Neimoidian.

this plant, native to the cooler grottoes of the planet Tatooine, was favored for its flavorful leaves. Manak leaves were used to wrap gorgs for roasting.

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