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this small starfighter was introduced by the Corporate Sector Authority during the early years of the New Order. It was a fast craft when flown in outer space, but suffered greatly when flown in a planet's atmosphere. The ship's name was derived from its mission profile: Interception, Reconnaissance, and Defense. It was a combat-dedicated fighter measuring 8.5 meters in length, and wa armed with a pair of twin blaster cannons. It was designed for a single pilot.

this second-generation of the Corporate Sector Authority's Intercept/Reconnaissance/Defense starfighter solved the original design's lack of performance in atmospheric flight. It measured 10 meters in length, and was armed with a twin blaster cannon and a concussion missile tube. Like the original IRD, it was designed for a single pilot.

Irdani Performance Group
this conglomerate produced many parts for racing craft, from podracers to starships. They also developed and manufactured complete racers, such as trhe IPG-X1131 LongTail.

this modification to the Corporate Sector Authority's IRD-A starfighger was armed with a concussion missile launcher.

one of the first tribes of Ugnaughts purchased by Ecclessis Figg for employment on Cloud City.
(GG2, MTS)

this Nediji assassin found work within the Black Sun organization during the last decades of the Old Republic. Early in his life, Kaird was shunned by his people for an inability to join the communal society known as the Flock, and he left Nedij to find his own way. His skills as a tracker and hunter were already exceptional, which made him the perfect candidate to join Black Sun. Kaird moved with a swiftness that few other races could match, and was knowledgeable in a wide variety of fighting styles and poisons. During the height of the Clone Wars, Kaird was dispatched to Drongar to spy on the bota-processing system of Admiral Tarnese Bleyd and Filba the Hutt. Disguised as a member of the Silent, Kaird moved among the various Rimsoo outfits on the planet, keeping a watchful eye on the two conspirators. After Filba tried to coerce Black Sun into paying a higher price for bota, the Hutt was poison by the spy known as Lens. After the death of Mathal, however, Kaird was ordered to step up his investigation and confront Bleyd directly. Kaird knew of Bley'd prowess as a hunter, but he also used the Sakiyan's ego as a weapon. Kaird challenged Bleyd to a knife duel, but never actively engaged him. As Bleyd began to grow confident, Kaird backed off enough to throw his own knife at Bleyd. Using his forearm, Bleyd easily deflected the blade, laughing at Kaird's foolish attempt to attack him. Kaird, however, was ready for the last laugh, having tainted the edge of his knife with dendriton toxin. He spared Bleyd any real pain, however, by slitting his throat before the toxin took effect. When it was revealed that the bota on Drongar was mutating in such a way that it would be useless as a medical wonder-drug, Kaird realized that he had a chance to retire from the underworld life and return to Nedij. He hired Squa Tront and Thula to help him secure some of the last bota ever produced, and planned to return to Coruscant with it as his final delivery. He hoped that this would make his masters very pleased, and allow him to return to Nedij. However, Thula and Squa Tront double-crossed him, and Kaird would have been killed if he hadn't discovered their trap. He set out to return to Black Sun, but vowed to hunt down the two traitors and exact his own revenge on them.

ke Fanax, Depird
this Adumari man was the brother of Jeapird ke Fanax. When his brother was killed while in combat with Cheriss ke Hanadi during the Cartann Ground Championships, Depird sought to avenge not only his brother but the reputation of pilots. In the duel, which was staged for the entertainment of Wedge Antilles and his pilots, Cheriss defeated Depird soundly. She offered his life to Wedge as a sign of respect and honor. Wedge, however, thought the loss of life was too blatant. Instead of having Depird killed, he let the man live, hoping that Depird would learn from his pain and his mistakes to fight better another time.

ke Fanax, Jeapird
this man was defeated by Cheriss ke Hanadi in the Cartann Ground Championships, just before the New Republic first contacted Adumar. Jeapird was one of the few Adumari pilots who had real skill with the blastsword. His defeat was unusual in that he lost to a woman who was also not a fighter pilot.

Kessel Bird
this rare, flamingo-like bird was native to thirteen planets in the Aeneid System, at least according to the outlandish tales of Squishmael. Distinguished by their lime-green plumage, these birds were valued for their pineal gland, which were used in a variety of medical applications. However, because of the rarity of the Kessel Bird, it was illegal to kill them. Thus, a black market for Kessel Birds arose during the early years of the New Order, creating a so-called "Kessel Run". Squishmael's friend, Marshak, explained that smugglers attempting the "Kessel Run" had to obtain as many of the Kessel Birds as they could, filling their cargo holds in as short a trip as possible, all while avoiding the local authorities. In reality, the Kessel Bird was considered worthless, a nuisance creature considered vermin in eight different star systems. The name "Kessel Bird" was even false, used to dupe unwitting rookie smugglers into parting with their credits.

Kirdo III
the desert planet was the homeworld of the Kitonak race. Kirdo, the third planet in a system located in the Outer Rim, was covered with white sand deserts, red mud plains, and yellow-orange hills. It was wracked by sandstorms created by winds that could reach 400 kilometers an hour.
(GG4, SWJ10)

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