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Eye in the Sky
this was the nickname of Kystallio's Detection Plus RMD-20 long-range surveillance remote.

Eye of the Albino Cyclops
this was one of the most sacred artifacts of the Skakoan people. Access to the Eye was granted only by the elders of Skakoan society, after a supplicant was interviewed at the Power Mound of the Elders. Wat Tambor was believed to have coveted the use of the Eye of the Albino Cyclops, hoping that it would allow him to track the activities of Anakin Skywalker, in order to exact revenge on the young Jedi for destroying one of his natural eyes.

Eye of the Beyonder
according to Brizzit legend, this relic held a secret map that explained where to find a vast treasure that was hidden in the Jandoon System. Tzizvvt convinced Solomahal to fund an expedition to locate the relic, shortly before the Battle of Yavin.

Eye of the Needle
this section of Beggar's Canyon on Tatooine is a narrow slot-shaped canyon filed with jagged, tooth-like rocks.

Eye of the Pirate
this was the name of the red star which was visible from the planet Corellia, as the last star in the constellation known as Drall's Hat.

Faarl the Conqueror
this was the name used by Faarl, a young man from the planet Korlings. Often called the Child Conquerer, Faarl was the eldest son of a noble family of Korlings, and was barely sixteen when Emperor Palpatine was killed at Endor. He started out his career as a pirate, raiding the defenseless worlds of Wild Space. By the age of nineteen, he had conquered seven or more primitive planets located in the Parthovian Cluster. He was feared on the planets he conquered, especially in the Parthovian Cluster. He preys mainly on planets with small populations and limited defenses. He established his base of power on the planet Pochi, in a citadel known as Fortress Baarlos. However, his predations eventually earned him a bounty on his head. Faarl believed himself to be safe within his fortress, until Boba Fett managed to break through his Tulvaree guards and capture Faarl.
(WBC, SWI80)

Fabled Key of the Sharu
this was another name for the Mindharp that was built by the ancient Sharu.

Fabswa the Mutilated
this Swokes Swokes appeared to be much smaller than an average member of his race. This was due to the fact that he had cut away large portions of his flesh in order to improve himself as a warrior. Fabswa was a devout member of the Temple of the Beatific Razor, and his self-deprication allowed him to earn the rank of First Glorious Assassin during the last decades of the Old Republic. One of the many changes he made to his body was the implanting of a comlink into his head, so that he could receive instructions and devotionals from his superiors. He often wore a dead schinga picai draped over his shoulders.

Facility, The
this was the name of the topmost section of Vergesso Base, and contained the primary spaceport, business services, and defense systems.

Fair at Bolgoink, The
this was the first of the major interclan fairs staged by the Gamorreans, held annually during the early season of Slushtime.

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