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this was the Nediji name for an individual's mother.

Eight for Aduba-3: The Saga of the Star-Hoppers
this holo-drama was produced by Tri-Nebula Entertainment during the early years of the New Republic, and supposedly told the "true story" of Han Solo's experiences on the planet Aduba-3, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. In reality, much of this "documentary" was created from samples holobit imagery that was combined inside a computer. The resulting imagery was nearly flawless, and convinced many a viewer that what they were seeing was real.

Ekh the Red
this man was Orman's second-in-command, but only because he was loyal to Orman. His criminal skills were somewhat lacking.

Elder Brother, The
a name used in the Corellian System for the planet Corellia.

Eleven Elders of the People
this was the governing body of the planet Emberlene. They were responsible for commissioning the creation of the Mistryl warrior society. It was also known that the Eleven were responsible for the subjugation and conquest of several planets in the immediate vicinty of Emberlene, which led the destruction of the planet at the hands of mercenaries hired by their victims. They covered the true nature of the destruction by claiming it was the Empire, worried about the strength of the Mistryl, that attacked Emberlene.

Eleven, The
this small group was the original founders of the underground rebellion that started on the planet Bellassa, during the months following the end of the Clone Wars, when the Empire took control of the planet. Originally founded by Ferus Olin and Roan Lands, the Eleven was named for the fact that eleven members all agreed to begin working against the oppression of the Empire, in order to make Bellassa free once more. This made Ferus and Roan the primary targets of Inquisitor Malorum and the Imperial agents on the planet, but this didn't stop the group from growing quickly beyond the original eleven members.

Embrace of the Tion
this glitz band often played live at Orman's Sky Palace.

Emissary, The
according to the ancient Sharu legends, the Emissary would accompany the Bearer to the Rafa System when it was time for the Mindharp to be activated. The Bearer would possess the Key of the Overpeople, and would appear when the ancient danger had passed and it was time for the Sharu to emerge from hiding. The Emissary was described in the legends as a strange, five-sided alien who was more mechanical than organic. Any being discovered to be falsely posing as the Emissary would be summarily executed, and the false Bearer would be left to die in the wilderness of Rafa V. When Rokur Gepta heard this, he activated Vuffi Raa and kept him on Rafa IV while Osuno Whett went to the Oseon System to search out a candidate for the Bearer. When Whett found Lando Calrissian, he used Vuffi Raa as credit in a game of sabacc, which he then lost on purpose. This led Lando to the Rafa System and into the hands of Gepta and Duttes Mer, where he eventually recovered the Mindharp with the help of Mohs.

Empartheca System
this star system was located near Quence Sector.

Emperor's Black Bones, The
this phrase is often used to describe the worst of all surprises, as in, "Emperor's Black Bones, what are you doing here?"

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