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Alderbathe Monastery
a noted religious retreat.

Alliance for the Creation of Habitable Environments
this Old Republic association regularly petitioned the Senate to set aside endangered or unusual locations, forbidding any corporate or military usage so that the natural environment could be maintained. Most often, the Alliance was acting to protect rare or endangered flora and fauna.

Alliance of Twelve, The
when the Peace Brigade blockaded the Yavin System, in an effort to capture the Jedi students on Yavin 4 and turn them over to the Yuuzhan Vong, they claimed to be operating under the authority of this alliance.

Alliance to Restore the Republic
the group of planets which opposed Palpatine's New Order. The name was often shortened to simply the Alliance, and was called The Rebellion by the Imperials. It grew out of pockets of resistance to the New Order, and was promoted early on by Mon Mothma and Bail Organa. Following Imperial attacks on Mantooine and Ghorman, the Alliance grew at a furious pace, linking disenfranchised humans with oppressed alien races. While it promoted peaceful union of all races and planets, the Alliance realized that military might would be key to the Galactic Civil War. With Mon Mothma as the Alliance's Commander in Chief, it was politically and strategically sound. Following his rescue from Moff Tarkin, Ackbar was named the Alliance's Fleet Commander. Crix Madine used his military training to become the Alliance's Special Forces Commander, while Jan Dodonna became the Starfighter Commander. In addition to these positions, the Alliance recognized the need for a Sector Commander, Fleet Intelligence Officers, Ordnance and Supply teams, and Support Services. The leaders of the Alliance recognized that, if the war came down to sheer numbers, the Empire would win eventually. The Alliance was very cash-poor, and relied on its member races and creeds to help fund its operations. Thus, the Alliance relied on cunning and stealth at first, winning small victories while planting seeds of doubt in the Imperial mind. Following the destruction of the first Death Star, the Alliance became more than a rag-tag coalition; it became a legitimate threat to the Empire. Palpatine saw this, and sent the majority of his war machine in search of the Alliance. By moving quickly and quietly, the Alliance evaded Imperial pursuit, but took severe losses in doing so. When the Emperor allowed the plans to the second Death Star to be leaked, the Alliance jumped at the chance to overthrow the Empire. The combined might of the Alliance's members, coupled with Palpatine's greed and conceit, overcame the Imperial yolk, and the heart of the Empire was killed during the Battle of Endor. Following the clean-up operations from the Battle of Endor, the leaders of the Alliance re-established the Republic. Dubbed the New Republic, it embodied the ideals of the Old Republic while meshing in the renewed spirit of racial diversity.

Almost Authentic
this was the name of a Surronian L19 freighter stolen by a group of pirates from Imperial Moff Aricos Dreleene. He had hoped to obtain an L19a special edition, but discovered that his "bargain" was a run-of-the-mill L19. He invested a huge sum of credits to have outlaw techs refit the ship to appear to be a true L19a, including modification of the serial numbers and transpoder codes, and Dreleene was able to pass it off for many years. However, a band of pirates saw the First Edition and captured it, thinking they had acquired an L19a. After learning that it was a fake, the pirates turned the Moff and the ship over to the Alliance. The Alliance refitted the ship, and renamed it the Almost Authentic. The Alliance armed the ship with the stock twin blaster cannons as well as a turret-mounted ion cannon.

Amithest, Mari
this young girl was a member of the Bear Clan training class, learning about the Force from Master Yoda himself during the year leading up to the Battle of Geonosis.

Ancient and Honorable Union of the Tion Hegemony
this was the full name of the Tion Hegemony.

Ancient Order of the Pessimists
this cult grew quietly on the volcanic world of Maryx Minor. The Order always believed that the worst would happen, regardless of the situation. They were forced to hide Abal Karda, during the fugitive's flight from the Empire. Karda killed at least one of the brothers, Mabob, believing the young man was spying on him when Mabob was simply bringing his meal. He killed another brother during Mabob's funeral, claiming their chants were too loud. The Order was then dismayed to learn that both Boba Fett and Darth Vader were tracking Karda, and they believed that their end was near. However, Fett and Vader fought to a standstill and left the planet, and their struggle only killed four of the Order's brothers. The leader of the Order declared that this was an omen, which meant that they needed to start looking for the worst in every situation. He declared that the order should begin looking toward the brighter side of any situation. Several of the Order's older members declared this a heresy, and they were proved correct. Vader felt that the Order had witnessed too much, and ordered their destruction. Several turbolaser barrages from Vader's Star Destroyer leveled their hermitage and destroyed the Order.

Ancient Order of the Whills
this was an ancient order of Force-sensitive beings, who supposedly died out generations before the birth of the Old Republic. It was believed that the shamans of the Whills could attain a unity with the Force that transcended death, allowing the shamans to influence the living world from beyond the grave. The ability could only be attained for oneself, and only through great compassion. Qui-Gon Jinn managed to discover the technique, and his spirit returned from dead years later to transfer the knowledge to Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
(IS3, LJ1)

Annals of the Republic
this was one of the many exhibit wings found in the Galactic Museum on Coruscant. It was breifly renamed "The New Crder: The Glories of the Next Thousand Generations" during the rule of Emperor Palpatine.

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