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Creators, The
this was a religious reference to the creators of the universe, used by many Corellians during the last decades of the Old Republic.

Creche' of the Gods
this was the Basic translation of the Yuuzhan Vong's original homeworld, Yuuzhan'tar.

this was the name given to those Yuuzhan Vong females who tended the birthing creches of more important members of their society.

Crossings, The
this was the name used by the Ferroan people, and probably used first by Sekot itself, to dsescribe the intense jumps through hyperspace that the planet Zonama Sekot took in order to remain hidden from the rest of the galaxy. The very first Crossings were hazardous to all life on the planet, and many beings, creatures, and plants were killed due to exposure to hyperspace itself. As Sekot learned what hyperspace was and how to protect itself, it used the lifeforce of Zonama to create organic shields that protected the planet during subsequent Crossings.

Crypt of the Ancients
located in the center of Necropolis' largest cemetary, this huge crypt was supposedly the resting place of the witch Sycorax and her son. The building was heavily carved, with rows of dragon-like faces across the front and a massive iron door at the entrance.

Crypt, The
located deep beneath Coruscant's Imperial Palace, The Crypt was a heavily-secured computer slicing and decoding center during the last decades of the Old Republic.

Crystal Snare, The
this crystalline asteroid was located in the asteroid belt of the Cularin System. It was originally discovered by Reidi Artom, who also discovered an unusual energy source in the vicinity of the crystal asteroid. The asteroid itself measured four kilometers across, with several spires and nodes protruding from it. No explanation for its formation or existence has been proposed, mainly because scientific exploration of the asteroid always revealed strange and unusual results. What was known about the asteroid was that its structure seemed to amplify any transmission sent toward it, including naturally occurring sunlight and solar energy. This was the cause of the unusual energy source discovered by Reidi Artom, but all attempts to recreate the effect have since failed.

Crystal, The
this was the name Jaina Solo used for the modified Z-95 given to her as a graduation present by her father, Han Solo, when she completed her training at the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4.

Crystalline Kahlyt, The
this fable was written on the planet M'haeli, and centered on an unusual kahlyt that could lay rybat crystal eggs. The farmer who owned the kahlyt became gradually wealthy by selling the eggs in town, but his wife became impatient. Rather than simply letting nature run its course, she cut the kahlyt open to obtain all of its crystal. Unfortunately, all she found inside were the innards of a regular kahlyt. Thus, in her haste to become richer, she found no immediate wealth and eliminated the source of her current income. Over time, the moral of this story infiltrated many parts of the galaxy, and many beings spoke of "not killing the kahlyt that laid the rubat eggs."

Cult of the Krayt
this band of cultists established a lair in the caverns outside Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. The main chamber of their lair was dominated by the skull of a krayt dragon, in front of which roared a huge fire. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the entire cult was executed in their lair. Rumors held that an Imperial spy who was trying to infiltrate Jabba the Hutt's operations was the killer.

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