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Council of the Wise
this M'shinni governing body controls the world on which it was formed. Many such councils exist on the various M'shinni agriworlds. The Council is made up of the eldest members of each Rootline.

Court of the Fountain
Mos Eisley's highest-class restaurant, it was a sprawling palace made fom stone and stucco, a leftover from better days. Jabba the Hutt owned the restaurant during the height of the Galactic Civil War.

Court of the Royal Residence
this was the name given to the perator's palace in the city of Cartann, on the planet Adumar.

Covey, The
this asteroid field was located between the ninth and tenth planets in the Coruscant System.

Cradle of the Galaxy
amassed and produced by the Allied Tion Historical Society, this collection of pre-Republic era artifacts and documents was shown across the Core Worlds during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. Funded by Republic Siener Systems, the House of Tion, and the House of Cron, the museum displays focused on the civiliation of the galaxy during the era of Xim the Despot, and contained some of the best-presevered examples of early hyperspace technology found in the galaxy. The touring museum show as cut short by the onset of the Clone Wars.

Crag, The
this rocky pinnacle of stone jutted up from the green landscape of the planet H'ratth. The ancient Jedi Master Chamma used to bring his students to The Crag, in order to have them concentrate on the Force.

Crash, The
this was the Basic translation of the Colony's term Ub Ruur. It described the crashlanding of the starship Tachyon Flier on the planet Yoggoy in the Unknown Regions, and the Colony's discovery of Raynar Thul's still-living body inside. Thul was rescued by the Yoggoy and given a chance to recuperate, and eventually became the first true Joiner. The wreckage of the Tachyon Flier was preserved by the Lizil hive for posterity. Unknown to much of the Colony, Lomi Plo and Welk also survived the crash, and managed to create their own Dark Side hive of insectoids. The site of The Crash became something of a sacred place to the Colony's hives, since the event marked the beginning of their expansion.

Crash, The
this cantina, found in the city of Vlarnya on Khuiumin 4, was the primary hangout of the Khuiumin Survivors. In keeping with its name, the Crash was decorated with bits and pieces of starfighters shot down by the Survivors, or pieces of crashed starships the Survivors escaped from.

Creation of Monsters, The
the third volume of Emperor Palpatine's Dark Side Compendium, this work was uncomplete when he was finally killed on Byss. It detailed the ways in which various Sith creatures could be created, but it also told of the dangers of tinkering with living creatures.

Creator, The
this was another name for the Yuuzhan Vong god, Yun-Yuuzhan.

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