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Complete History of Corvis Minor, The
a multicard set of literature that, due to the nondescript history of Corvis Minor, is rarely read; the box was used by the Imperials to hide a blaster in every residential floor of the Imperial palace.

Concert of the Winds
when the hurricane season comes to the planet Vortex, the winds whistle through the Cathedral of Winds' many holes and spires, creating this unique musical experience. The winged Vors often fly around the spires, helping to create the music by opening and closing different sets of holes. The music which was created was never the same twice, making the experience that much more memorable.

Conclave on the Plight of the Refugees
this summit, held in the Government House of Ord Mantell, was convened by the New Republic to discuss ways in which the refugees fleeing the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy could be properly housed, fed, and relocated.

Concourse, The
this was the name of the main plaza of Darknon Station. It originally was several levels deep, but much of it was abandoned by the time of the Galactic Civil War. In its heyday, The Concourse was filled with lush gardens, and opened onto a variety of shops and businesses.

Congress of the Republic
this was another name for the Galactic Senate of the Old Republic.

Consortium, The
this was one of the terms used to describe the criminal empire of Nirama, active in the Cularin System during the years following the Battle of Naboo.

Contest, The
this Silika battle of intestinal fortitude required that a challenger and his opponent consume a wide range of alcoholic beverages, with bets made at each round as to which contestant will pass out first. The challenger was allowed to choose the drinks, but was honor-bound to consume it the exact same way as his opponent. The rules of The Contest required that the loser accept his loss, and not take revenge on the victor. There was also a great deal of ceremony involved in the challenge, which each contestant had to follow or risk disqualification.

Corellian Twister, The
this was the name given to a section of the Agrilat Swamp Circuit, one of the most popular swoop racing courses of the New Order.

Corioline Marlee Theater
this Alderaanian theater was known for its grandeur and architectural design.

Corkscrew, The
this ancient, winding riverbed was located at the end of Jett's Chute, and emptied onto the Hutt Flats, on the planet Tatooine.

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