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Oseon Peacekeepers
this was the primary law enforcement agency that protected the Oseon System, during the early years of the New Order.

this was the title given to the primary law enforcement officers in each town found on the planet Beheboth. Despite their position, a Peacekeeper was delegated only certain rights by their speicif town charter, including - but not limited to - the ability to make arrests, organize posses, detain suspects, and perform other law enforcement activities as described in the town's bylaws.

this was a model of Imperial low-orbit patrol craft.

this Dreadnaught served as part of the command fleet used by Admiral Greelanx during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa. It was commanded by Captain Reldo Dovlis, who kept it in the battle with cunning and skill until the mounting damage became too great. Its starboard engines suddenly gave out, and it began tumbling toward Nar Shaddaa's shields. Dovlis's crew tried desparately to bring the engines back on-line, but only managed to propel it toward Nar Shaddaa. The Peacekeeper was utterly destroyed, and it took out a huge section of Nar Shaddaa's planetary shield with it.

this was the name given to those beings who were charged with maintaining peace and order among the survivors of the Outblund Flight Project. At the point when the Outbound Flight Project's remains were located by the Chiss, about eighteen years after the Battle of Endor, there were only eleven Peacekeepers - including Guardian of the People Jorad Pressor - active. Four were killed and two rendered unconscious when Bearsh and his Vagaari staged their insurrection aboard the Outbound Flight. However, the survivors managed to hold their own against the invaders after the various teams of outsiders - Luke Skywalker and his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, Chak Fel and the stormtroopers of the Imperial 501st Legion, and Dean Jinzler and his Chiss companions - began to understand the Vagaari tactics and eliminate their threat.

this Trandoshan deity is responsible for judging each of the reptiloids upon its death. The Scorekeeper tallies the number of jagnannath points a Trandoshan collects, and determines the proper place for it in the afterlife. A female deity, the Scorekeeper is reptilian, with lidless eyes and a bloodthirtsy temperment. If she felt the whim, she could double a Trandoshan's jagannath points for a particularly brave and daring kill. She could also, as a point of pride, reduce a Trandoshan's count to zero for being captured or shamed.

Shadow Keeper
this five-limbed creature, known as the kkekkrrg rro to the Wookiees, lived in the lowest depths of the jungle on Kashyyyk, at the fourth level of the biosphere. It was a carnivore, and preferred to hunt for fresh meat rather than scavenge for food. They were not brave or strong enough to attack a large Wookiee, but they had a long history of being a vicious hunter. An individual shadow keeper had three foerlimbs and two rear legs, and move about on all five legs or just the rear legs. Of the three forelimbs, the outer pair were heavily clawed and used for gripping their prey. The inner leg was a bit shorter than the other two but also much stronger, with heavt muscles making it thicker than the other. The claws on all five legs were retractable, and could be used for climbing or hunting. The tongue of this creature was quite abrasive, and could tear the skin off another creature to expose its flesh. The unique, physical design of this creature made them popular among xenobiologists, but no specimen - alive or dead - was ever found for investigation.
(TT, RD, GMR4)

Shadow Keeper
there were only seven of these starships ever built. They were one of the deadliest fighter craft of their time, and were named for a Kashyyyk predator.

this Yuuzhan Vong creature was bio-engineered to act as a protector and defender of a thrall herder. Resembling a slug and measuring about twenty-two meters in length, the warkeeper was covered with an armored shell that was studded with heavy spikes. These spikes were specially-created plasma emitters, capable of spraying globs of plasma fire at anything with two kilometers of its position. In order to protect the warkeeper, the Yuuzhan Vong also inplanted a dovin basal into the creature's body, allowing it to absorb enemy attacks while it kept the thrall herder free to control its captives. The Yuuzhan Vong warrior commanding the warkeeper had to be constantly vigilant, for this dovin basal could also suck in unsuspecting thralls.

this was one of three Bakura-class destroyers deployed by Hortel Ossilege to assist the New Republic in breaking the blockade of the Corellian System. It was one of four ships, along with the Intruder, Sentinel, and Defender, that were built specifically for the defense of the Bakura System, in the wake of the Battle of Bakura. When the Bakuran ships entered the interdiction field, the HIMS systems kept them going. The Watchkeeper, however, sustained large amounts of damage entering the field, and was evacuated. Ossilege then used the ship as a decoy, remotely-controlling it as it appeared to be leading the Bakuran fleet. It was in this position that the Watchkeeper became the first ship destroyed by the Selonian planetary repulsor, as it smashed into the repulsor field and was flattened. Luckily, all hands were rescued after the impact, but the Watchkeeper was abandoned for scrap.

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