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Churi Bird
this is a species of large avian native to the forest moon of Endor.

a species of light-colored birds native to Wayland, clawbirds were known as stana to the Myneyrhsi. These small avians had wings which are tipped with sharp spines that could inject a slow-acting poison into a target. Clawbirds attacked in swarms, with one wave bringing down their prey while another protected the kill from hidden scavengers.

this avian lives in the Shadow Forest, hiding in the vegetation which surrounds Anarrad.

this was a common name among the Snivvian race.

Doisey Bird
this medium-sized bird was raised for its tasty meat. It was often served roasted.

a vicious, deadly creature native to Onderon.

Dragonbird Gardens
these beautiful gardens are located on the Imperial world of Aargau. Baron Tagge used the gardens as the backdrop for his discussions with other members of the Galactic Corporate Policy League. It was here that they began seeing that Palpatine could help them regain ultimate control of the Corporate Sector and free them from the restrictions imposed by the Old Republic.

Endangered Shreebird Aviary
established on Coruscant shortly before the Clone Wars, this facility was developed to save the shreebird from extinction.

Farrow Bird
native to the planet Aruza, this bird has a patch of bioluminescent feathers on its chest. The flashes of light which occur when the bird attacks its prey serve to blind and confuse the prey, making it easier to catch.

Firdaaz, Gammer
this ancient, Socorran scout served aboard the FarStar, although quite often he was more drunk than sober. He volunteered for the job on the FarStar in an effort to see as much of the galaxy as he could before he died. In one of his drunken stupors, he discovered the strange plants brought aboard the corvette after Kl'aal stumbled upon a spore-spreading plant on Binaros. Later, after the FarStar penetrated the Kathol Rift, Gammer elected to remain on the planet Demonsgate in order to maintain the Lifeline project.

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