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Children of the Galaxy
this exhibit was staged at the Cambrielle Exploration Auditorium, on the planet Ralltiir, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. It showcased the wondrous contributions to the galactic society which had been performed by mere children, many of whom were prodigies in such areas as hyperspacial astrophysics or other exploratory sciences.

Chronicle, The
this was the name given to the unusual artwork that adorned the walls of the Prime Chamber on Yoggoy. When seen up close, the Chronicle appeared to be little more than a jumble of colors. However, when viewed from a distance, the subtle colors resolved themselves into a pictorial history of the Colony's expansion since The Crash.

Chun's Theory of Reductional Infinity
this was one of the most exciting - and hardest to prove - mathematical theories of the Old Republic.

Church of the Dark Side
this was the name used by Sate Pestage to describe the quasi-religion which sprang up around the Prophets of the Dark Side, during the years which followed the Battle of Endor. The Prophets of the Dark Side chose to ignore the Church, which it considered nothing more than a mockery of their order.

Church of the First Frequency
this religious sect was formed on Otranto. They were ousted from the planet by the Imperial Grand Inquisitor Torbin, but its surviving members rallied around their beliefs. They attacked Torbin's palace, and he was only saved by the timely intervention of the Tynnan Odumin. However, Torbin was killed a month later on Weerden.

Citadel, The
a ruin in Plawal, on Belsavis.

Citadel, The
this was the name given to the immense structure which served as the seat of power of the Yuuzhan Vong' Supreme Overlord, Shimrra, after the alien invaders captured and reformed the planet Coruscant. The Citadel was, in actuality, an immense worldship which had been constructed in such a way as to land in a specialized receiver that connected it to the planet's surface. Since the Citadel was mobile, Shimrra could move across the planet's surface without ever having to leave its confines. The Citadel's primary location was situated in the Well of the World Brain, on what used to be the most populous sectors of Coruscant. When on the ground, the Citadel rose from a yorik coral base and was virtually impregnable. However, should the need for escape arise, the entire bulk of The Citadel could disengage itself from the Well of the World brain and flee into space.

Civilized, The
this was the name of the prosperous minority of the planet Apsolon, before the election of a single planetary leader united the population. They controlled the Workers through the use of a secret piloce force known as the Absolutes, until the Workers began rebelling through a series of industrial sabotage actions. With the help of the Jedi Knights, the natives of Apsolon were able to unite under the leadership of Ewane. Many of the Civilized blamed the Jedi for the election of a Worker, and refused to acknowledge the authority of the Jedi.

Clabburn the Elder
see Clabburn

Clabburn the Younger
this Mugaari pirate took over his father's operations during the height of the New Order, but went simply by the name Clabburn to cultivate a mystique based on his father's deeds. This suited Clabburn the Elder just fine, although he never emerged from hiding to actually say it. Clabburn the Younger was similar in appearance to his father, but his face and body had much more scarring that his father's, indicating that he had worked hard to earn his place as Clabburn the Elder's successor. In fact, Clabburn the Younger was missing the lower half of his left arm. In his position, Clabburn the Younger was hired by Figg Excavations to work with Salmakk during the height of the Galactic Civil War, in an effort make it appear as if FiggEx was suffering from piracy. If successful, the plan would allow FiggEx to break out of the Mining Guild and establish its own regulations. Salmakk and Clabburn were eventually apprehended and questioned about their activities, but were later released in exchange for information on their contacts within FiggEx.

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