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Cave of the Blade
this was one of the forty-two caves and chambers set aside for religious devotion inside Inicus Mont, on the planet Mina. The Vashan swordsbeings who protected their people traveled to this cave to pray with the bodhis who honored the traditions of combat. It was in the Cave of the Blade that the swords of fallen Vashan heroes were preserved.

Cave of the Elders
this was the name used to describe the unusual, miniature version of the StarCave that was contained within the boundaries of the ThonBoka. Measuring twenty kilometers in diameter, the Cave of the Elders was created by the native Oswaft from the atomic elements and molecules they consumed. Unlike the rest of the ThonBoka, the Cave of the Elders was a solid structure, composed entirely of crystalline refuse the Oswaft exuded as part of their normal metabolism. During the early years of the New Order, Lando Calrissian discovered that the crystals of the Cave were among the purest forms of the galaxy's most valuabel gemstones, making the Cave ostensibly worth billions of credits. The Elders of the Oswaft used the Cave as their primary meeting place.

Cave of the Image
this was one of the forty-two caves and chambers set aside for religious devotion inside Inicus Mont, on the planet Mina. It was in this cave that the Vashan bodhis preserved the most precious and sacred artifacts, protecting them from thieves.

Cell, The
this organization rose up from the floating city of Air Avab, on the planet Genarius, in an effort to overthrow Nirama, some ten years before the Battle of Naboo. It was believed that The Cell was formed from a splinter group of Nirama's organization. The membership of The Cell were systematically hunted down and eliminated in short order, after their intentions against Nirama were made public. It was later discovered that the elimination of The Cell was a joint operation, carried out by Nirama and Len Markus.

Cemma the Younger
this crude, psychopathic outlaw was known as a gunslinger in the backwater worlds of the Inner Rim. He was extremely handsome, which helped lull his opponents into thinking he was too young to be a quick draw. He was approached by Dhas Vedij and offered a chance to serve on the crew of the Far Orbit, after Vedij defected from Imperial service.

Center of Everything, The
this was a mystical reference used by The One.

Center, The
this was another mystical reference used by Lando Calrissian.

Center, The
this was the name of the operations section of Vergesso Base, and contained the adminstration center, the armory, a detention center, and the power and environmental systems for the asteroid base.

Central Gathering Hall
located in Imperial City on Coruscant, this immense hall was designed some 300 years before the Galactic Civil War. There was a huge clock located inside the Hall, that marked the hours by spreading a light across the city's skyline.

Ceremony of the Great Meet
this semi-annual gathering of Ithorians was held on the planet Ithor, during one of the regular Herd Meets.

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